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good god that bts song is so catchy, i literally heard a 5 second clip of it and it's stuck in my head

it only works in her gravure but like any video of her and she's just a huge crybaby KJSHGKL

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i love how no matter how much maria tries to push the sexy idol image it just does not come across like ever

@proto lmao it's such a bop. it's actually a tsunku song

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@melodicake this song sounds like hyadain wrote it

ok but consider: homamei performing miss love tantei

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@goodnightzeus it's their marketing strategy 😔 👊 starve the fans then feed them crumbs every year and break records every time

@goodnightzeus 👀 👀 👀 u can listen to their whole discography in like half an hour lmao

shotaro looks like he went to audition for johnny's ent but got lost and ended up in nct lmao

h!p 48g please do something i need my emotional support idols

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