finally redid this old icon (the 2nd one). i really like how it came out! fhdjhfbhf you can tell my favorite color is pink though lol

i guess i'm finished? idk i feel like there's something missing. but i always feel like that with everything i make so i'll just call it done. i'm kiiiinda disappointed bc i know i can do better but oh well lol

(p.s. why am i incapable of making a good beyooooonds icon?? i did it once but now i can't make another good one. oof)

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looking through my files and i found these icons that i do not remember creating like at all

i finished it!!! i kinda just left it alone for like 2 hours before coming back to it and seeing what was wrong lol

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aoex, blood 

i made a mini set of icons while messing with some half tones and kato's recent sketch of yukio but i don't really like how they came out so i'm only posting them here and not on dreamwidth lol

i wanted to get better at icon making so i spent a few hours reading icon tutorials and stuff and then i made this icon. i'm really proud of it!!! what took me forever was editing the brightness because it looked dark and i still think it looks really dark but oh well lol

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