i was inspired by @becomingx to finally make my own card lol

these aren't my faves btw just the artists i've been listening to a lot recently because my favorites list is wayyyy too long

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@melodicake we have f(x) and brit in common ofc but i'm surprised to see taemin on here?

@becomingx HBGGHN yeah i've been listening to his album move-ing lately, i only downloaded it for move a few months ago but my friend's been texting me a lot about how much she loves the album so now i've been listening to it lol

@melodicake haha oh that's cute! i've only heard move + the want mini album that i had a moment w/

@becomingx LMAO i forgot about want, i've been listening to that album a bit too but not as much as move-ing lol

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