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finally giving minetest a try, hope it runs faster than minecraft and doesnt crash my computer lol

my mom's installing the new tivo box we got and its so nostalgic aaaahh

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im listening to disturbia because i suddenly felt nostalgic and two things:
1) disturbia fucking SLAPS oh my god i was missing out
2) THE NOSTALGIA REALLY DOES HIT HARD WITH THIS SONG AAAAHHHH i remember dancing to this when i was like 5 or smth

i wanna post this somewhere 👀 id probably have to record myself playing it first tho and its hard playing the tab over the chords :')

ghjrfhgrjfgh i played the melody to sis puella magica by ear on my uke and also made some chords for it,,,,,,i wanna make an arrangement thing now but its hard playing with the chords in the background HGJRJFGHBJFJG

what the fuck its the 18th where did july go

i wanna write yukishima fic but I Don't Know How and it hurts

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what if you were having a good hair day
but god said:
93% humidity

im opening the discord app to get the spotify connection to work even though i use the browser client lmao

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the fucking kyoani attack......i really hope the asshole gets life in prison, and i hope the victim's families can recover :(

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fire, death, gofundme 

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‼️KyoAni sells high-res digital images online for 216yen each. ‼️

The money directly goes to kyoani, since it's downloadable picture, they dont need to spend time ship real stuff out. ‼️It's a great way to directly support them financially.‼️


i love kina grannis so much god i wish i could see her in concert

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