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still trying to figure out what the fuck a jopping is

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sometimes when i toot abt kpop im like "god why am i being kpoppie on main again" and then i remember this is my only mastodon account

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Firefox Reader Mode can override a lot of website's paywalls and article limits.

why are cats so floppy. where are they hiding their bones

slowly building a network of fellow kpoppies on this website

friend needs some $$$ help, please boost!! 

i have an incredible spoiler for all of you: the number of people who follow you says nothing about whether you're a decent person or not

think tmrw after school im gonna download more airi+buono performances, maybe some akb48 too since ive been OBSESSED with their new single

id go ahead and download sixth sense+abracadabra rn but i wanna get the albums they're from and i have like no energy to rip from yt and tag metadata rn so ill do that tmrw, for now i have to relegate myself to listening from yt lyric videos

ok i just found out that girl is gain, i love her already oh my god

that was so good omg im speechless, the mv was super intense and the song is a bop. idk who the girl in the beginning is but i really love her

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