I'll stop complaining about gamers when I stop having to worry about edgy cis white men dropping slurs in multi-player games

I'll stop complaining about the games industry when the means of production are socialized, the crunch culture is dismantled, and white masculinity is no longer hegemonic in it

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@melissasage I love getting called a snowflake for saying the f word is a slur! White cishet men need to learn their lesson.

@melissasage I recommending blocking their instance as it's just some free speech bullshit

@radicalrobit Block Australian Instances, Ignore Australian Posts, Do Not Reply to Australian Posters

@melissasage I would be happy just to discover threatening women is no longer a thing in that community tbh. I'll have a seat while waiting for that to happen.

@terceranexus6 these issues are all interconnected. you cannot solve that in a vacuum without also addressing the others.

@melissasage get a Nintendo Switch: neither Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS nor Mario Tennis Aces have voicechat with strangers.

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