can we declare "real name" policies on social media to be an unmitigated disaster and an utter failure at every possible level from start to finish yet

"if people have to use their real names they won't be racist online" says a white techbro, his brain so engorged it needs a second chair, completely ignoring that people have been racist under their real names with zero consequences since 1492

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I mean lbr, "real name" policies only exist bc of the theory that it will cut down on harassment, and that theory only exists because hiring moderators costs money, might piss people off, and is overall not very friendly to the silicon valley business model, so they need a way to look like they're addressing harassment that costs zero dollars

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@melissasage said bro currently has another tab open in which he is being racist under his real name

@melissasage I always assumed they existed to make data mining more effective tbh, and that the harassment thing was always just an excuse

@melissasage Where does "this is just something that we carried over from the designs of the platforms that inspired us" end and "this was designed to convince people to voluntarily give us as many data points as possible" begin

"real name" policies 

"real name" policies 

"real name" policies 

"real name" policies 

@melissasage I think the data is a bit off, pretty sure that year is rather inaccurate... waaaaaayy too far into the future...

@clarjon1 racism is not a primordial, eternal aspect of humanity. it was invented in the 1500s.

@melissasage I'd be so outraged by that if I had used any platform with that demand since High School

P.s. it was Facebook it's always been Facebook

@melissasage "Real" name policies are the thing I hate the most about the post-Facebook era internet. As if using a name and a picture of a person (neither of which need to actually be you) makes an account somehow more reliable or trustworthy.


Yeah. If you've already been excused a bunch of times for saying/doing ugly shit, why would you worry about the fact that your real name's attached to it.

I support antifa folk getting racists fired, but obviously given the power of both bigotry and cronyism the majority just lie low for a bit and then get quietly rehired, or get a nearly identical gig at some equally bad place across town. :/ We see this with cops, entertainers, etc. So I bet it's everywhere.

@melissasage as a transgender and transspecies person, my real identity (Luna, a versafelis) isn't the same as my "real" identity ([deadname], a human male). That's the main reason I hate "real" name policies - they're transphobic as fuck.

@melissasage it has only emboldened and validated those ignorant, entitled and vain enough to have no qualms about posting their legal name and photo on the world wide web

@carcinopithecus @melissasage

One of the worst abusive pieces of shit on a "Progressive" board I once frequented badgered people unceasingly for not using their real names. Of course I DID use my real name & she picked at me relentlessly, too. Saying it was obviously made-up. Also *her* online name was a Native Tribal name plus a flower (in English) & she was not Native in any way, which everyone knew. But if you pointed this out she'd cry, "It is SO my real name they said I could have it!!!"

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