ever sit back and remember how Leonard Peltier is 75 years old and has been in prison since 1977 and has no hope of parole until 2024, and how Mumia Abu-Jamal is 66 and has been in prison since 1982 and was on death row until 2011, and is still serving a life sentence, and how Assata Shakur has been living in Cuba in exile since 1979, and how the trials for literally all of these activists were utter bullshit kangaroo court nonsense?

people like to shit on the american left a lot as though the vibrant scene of movements in the 60s and 70s petered out as opposed to being actively dismantled, assassinated, and imprisoned, is what i'm saying

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and if you think that this is an artifact of the past and isn't going to happen again i'm just going to wonder aloud if anyone remembers Edward Crawford, the activist from this iconic photo, was found shot dead in his car in 2017, and it was ruled a suicide, after his fellow comrades Darren Seals died also committing "suicide" in his car in 2016 and DeAndre Joshua in 2014? it's so weird how all of these activists chose to commit suicide in this exact same manner. what a wild coincidence. anyway, glad that the US doesn't kill or imprison political dissidents

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@melissasage that's cause these same people believe the US isn't violently repressing dissent

@melissasage I Think about that all the time it’s fucking horrifying. Hearing about Edward Crawford’s “suicide” was a huge moment for me re: realizing what the US is fuckin up to

Like jfc!!

@melissasage yeah, this. I don't know my older dissident history as well, but I've been thinking of Edward Crawford, Darren Seals, and DeAndre Joshua in the news/discussion about photos of protesters. Like, don't y'all remember what happened to these folks? Don't fucking take identifiable photos of people torching cop cars! March not just for the police killings, but all the extra-judicial killings that don't stay in the news.

@melissasage Fred Hampton is probably the most obvious example of this happening. With that one its just impossible to pretend that it was anything but a state sanctioned assassination.

@felix @melissasage He committed the ultimate sin of successfully organizing across racial lines, and for that he was murdered by the Chicago PD at the behest of Hoover's FBI. Literal death squad shit.

I'm slightly tipsy please excuse bad typing 

I'm slightly tipsy please excuse bad typing 

I'm slightly tipsy please excuse bad typing 

@melissasage whereas the white activists like Abbie Hoffman moved on and decided actually it was good to make money

@melissasage @fakemaxkeeble Abbie Hoffman actually did commit suicide, though he WAS driven to it — so, suicide, but sorta not suicide.

@melissasage Extreme liberal professor voice: "see the problem with socialism in American was that it was never really popular here"

@JosephBenton i like this idea a lot, as though the idea of separating from the British and forging a bourgeois republic was polling at 51% in 1776. that's how governments happen

@melissasage I can say this much, the US Constitution did really well during the focus testing.

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