does any one of the tech nerds on here have a spare laptop they'd be willing to donate? a friend of a friend is a rad, Black activist in Oakland and she's getting laid off and losing her work laptop, which is her only computer right now

She ideally wants something that can handle audio and video editing! DM me if you want more details!

hey everyone who boosted this last time! she's still in need of help and she has reached out to me and said instead that she would like monetary support if you can spare it, but doesn't want me to publicly to give out her paypal or venmo. DM me for her info if you can spare any change!

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@melissasage i don't have any devices on me but if you find one that isn't working, i can see about helping to get it up and running, that might expand the pool a bit

@melissasage I really wish I could donate my Thinkpad T20 but it's a bit damaged and can't do the editing. Plus my brother relies on it too much.

Boosting for others to find you tho!

@melissasage Would do in a heartbeat but just donated laptop to our disabled healthcare policy advocate friend. I'll boost!

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