europeans stop pretending racism is a uniquely American problem challenge

@melissasage I still remember back when I was on twitter having like 3 random dutch assholes in my mechnies insistently telling me that zwarte piet is not racist.

@radicalrobit @melissasage the Netherlands formally appologised for their genocide in the Indonesian war of independence THIS YEAR. that war started in 1945

@radicalrobit @melissasage imagine living here, it's zwartepietendiscussieseizoen (zwarte piet discussion season) as soon as october.


@melissasage yeah, the good take here is that it looks different in different places on account of different historical developments but that doesn't make racism less or more racist

I'm just as tired of Americans pretending that racism in America is the single blueprint for racism anywhere

@anarchiv @melissasage what can be interesting is when a racist signal that's very culture bound gets inadvertently reproduced. I remember when this happened

@robotcarsley @melissasage
I don't remember but this article is... oh boy. This is just sad

@melissasage I hate that shit so much. EVERY time racism becomes a public discourse here the media says "yeah, but it's better than America so racism isn't a thing here" and every fucking liberal just nods their head and parrots that on every god damn issue

@CornishRepublicanArmy well in fairness, so long as you discount the existence of Arabs, Asians, Africans, Jews, Roma, and a huge number of other ethnic groups that Europe has spent literally centuries if not millennia oppressing, Europe is a bastion of interracial tolerance

@melissasage there were fucking race riots in London less than 10 years ago, I know because I was *there*. that was after the police murdered Mark Dugan because they felt like it. you don't have race riots out of nowhere

@melissasage Canadians too. We need to stop using "but we're better than the US" as a way to smugly ignore our own shittyness

Indirect boost because of missing CW: racism meta

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