ICE said it's stopping arresting people who aren't "mission critical" due to the pandemic, and I would like to suggest that they continue with this after the pandemic is over, actually

it's such a fucking Freudian slip, to basically admit that all this time they've just been targeting people who aren't critical dangers

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@melissasage wish everyone would figure out that nothing about their mission is critical

@melissasage "But they might *become* critical dangers if they... -checks notes- ...expose the plutocracy by demanding living wages of their employers!"

@melissasage wtf does “mission critical” mean to an organization whose sole purpose is to violate the rights of immigrants and refugees?

@Ethancdavenport i assume it means "someone who poses an actual violent threat to others on US soil", which is the most benefit of the doubt i would ever give to the fucking gestapo, and i feel dirty even giving them that much.

@melissasage yeah nah fuck them, chinga la migra siempre y por eternidad

@melissasage always charming to see the point in this cycle where someone realizes "oh right shit the way we're doing this might have human casualties among the enforcers"

"how can we make it a little more efficient"

@melissasage this is a tacit admission that they were arresting people for no reason before. I mean we all knew that but we shouldnt let them forget this after this is over

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