actually it's only a city if it has a robust public transit infrastructure that allows you to get to any point in the city without using a car. otherwise it's a sparkling suburb

@velexiraptor @melissasage no that’s Irvine. LA at least pretends to have working public transit

@melissasage oh boy. we have public transit but it certainly doesn't allow you to get to "any point." and I believe the reasons for that are racist, in part

@melissasage Did you come up with that definition/distinction, or is it something published I should know?

After realizing it's sparkling and not sprawling, I guess it's the former.

@melissasage To make public transit a defining characteristic of a city is obviously bogus in the face of historic cities, such as Rome or Edo. A committed lib may not like it, but a city without rolling mini-prisons full of human trash is still a city even in the 21st century. Public transit is machinery of dehumanization.

@stuff this is a shitpost but it's based on the groundbreaking modern urban geography work of Édouard Siddon, do you know him?

@stuff @melissasage "rolling mini-prisons full of human trash" is a bold statement against privately owned personal cars but I can respect it!

@stuff it's really funny that you just called living, breathing people with lives, hopes, and dreams "human trash" and unironically called *public transit* dehumanizing literally one sentence later. go take a Pepto-Bismol

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