lmbo kingdom come deliverance is free on epic rn. lets see how bad this is

@wintgenstein I saw it and also that Aztec game? the Aztec game looks cool as shit

@wintgenstein it's amazing how they released two historical games this week and one looks like every warmed over medieval graphics-where-you-can-count-the-pores yawnfest, and the other has cool art and is based on Indigenous history. feels like a perfect distillation of something alright

@wintgenstein I'd even kill for a half decent medieval historical fiction walking simulator but somehow I don't think Kingdom Come is that

@wintgenstein I see "historically accurate" in the description and I read it as "there's a lot of rape in this"

@melissasage i don't know about the game but iirc the devs said historically accurate meant "there are no people of color in this"

@wintgenstein no brown people... in the holy roman empire..............................


devs: there's no such thing as people of color in Europe before like, 1900
me: say no Moor, friends!

@wintgenstein @melissasage The game has a perk you can take that makes you become more attractive to women if you don't bathe because of your manly odour.

@caelyn @melissasage sorry i'm sorry i'm just thinking of the men with terrible hygiene who are constantly getting laid

@wintgenstein @melissasage I know, I know. I do not understand how straight women work. So many literal goddesses getting all hot and bothered over some guy who looks like a particurly gormless thumb in a polo shirt.

@caelyn @melissasage lol these toots are actually brought to you by the fact that i'm seeing my stepdad today. he CONSTANTLY cheats on my mom with new women and he has the worst breath/brushes his teeth once a year before the dentist visits and showers maybe once a month. i don't get it.

@ItsJenNotGabby @caelyn @melissasage me, my sister, and her therapist, and her mother are all working on it. its very difficult to undo 30 years of brainwashing

@wintgenstein lmao as far as I know it's just the name of the ethnic group but boy, that's also what I thought about the G-word for Roma people, so who knows

@melissasage i only hesitate because my shakespearean acting professor told me that his educated guess on which slur was most common in his body of work would be moor, with jew being 2nd place

@melissasage @garfiald hmm i'm trying to remember what they've told me. they told me its used incorrectly in othello and that really it refers to muslims/arabs and not black people

@wintgenstein @melissasage @garfiald From context, something like African Arabs? Specifically the ones that lived in Iberia before the Spanish "reconquista" genocide.

Looking it up: "Europeans of the Middle Ages and the early modern period variously applied the name to Arabs, North African Berbers, and Muslim Europeans."

@melissasage @wintgenstein my understanding is that it isn't a slur in most medieval and early modern contexts. In Othello, "black" has more overt negative connotations than "moor", "moor" is mostly used neutrally. In medieval European texts, black and brown people are more often demeaned on the basis of the religion with terms such as "infidel" or "pagan", with words such as "moor" or the more commonplace "saracen" being somewhat neutral

@melissasage @wintgenstein HOWEVER, due to the context in which crusadic language is currently used, I would certainly raise an eyebrow or two if I heard someone referring to people as "moors" today lmao

@melissasage @wintgenstein And there are some who would argue that it's not strictly correct to say "moor" is a neutral term in medieval texts because that implies that medieval Europeans held a neutral view of Africans and Middle Eastern people. But I think the same could be said, for instance, of any word for "woman" in a medieval text, since medieval Europe was a misogynistic society. I don't think that qualifies as a slur

@garfiald @wintgenstein thinking about it kind of like "oriental" in that sense, where if you see someone today referring to a person as "oriental" that's 1000% a racist, but historically speaking that's just a common term to describe people from Asia

also i didn't know "Saracen" was a neutral term, I've only ever seen that in a pejorative sense

@melissasage @wintgenstein I guess I can see where you're coming from, since "Saracen" is used to express that someone is both a Muslim and African or Middle Eastern. I was thinking of the fact that Saracens are seen as always susceptible to be converted, so that the term is not as uniquely damning as as terms like "pagan" or "infidel". But you're right

@garfiald @melissasage @wintgenstein Suddenly reminded of the massive arse showing these crusader-fash types did throwing a massive wobbler over Crusader Kings 3 possibly not having the phrase "deus vult" in it.

@felix @wintgenstein it's one of those words that definitely can be depending on how it's used

@melissasage @felix yeah its not necessarily but in the context that its used in shakespearean works it definitely is and can be

@melissasage @wintgenstein afaik the problem with calling them Roma is that this term only refers to a particular subgroup

@felix @wintgenstein is there a better term for "the ethnic group of people usually referred to with the g-slur"

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