fondly remembering the 2015 NYPD strike, when the NYPD drastically pulled back their resources and made many, many fewer arrests bc they were shitting their pants over (very, very, very moderately left) de Blasio being elected, and the response from NYC as a whole was "you should keep doing this actually"

@melissasage as I keep saying, police unions are no comrades but their strikes deserve encouragement anytime

@melissasage I recently read a study on this that showed that actual crime went down during that time Which lines up with data on policing over all. Since the inception of police in America crime has been mostly on a linear trajectory upward proportional to and as a function of the increase of police prevalence. The idea that they make us safer is provably false. unfortunately its just not a safe world and police appear to exacerbate that issue dramatically.

@curufuin yeah the idea that cops play any role whatsoever in crime *prevention* is one of the most pernicious lies in white culture

@melissasage I have shown people and they still vehemently disagree somehow. Americans really hate having to have their opinions challenged with evidence. They always cite some possibly fiction police strike riot in canada that seems to still be the modern justification for why we need cops and sure generally when you abruptly move from authoritarian policing to abscenve of police there could be a perception of chaos, but I think if you ramped it down, people notice the improvement.

@melissasage @curufuin cops are there to enforce abusive property rights. All the rest is propaganda as honest as saying the main use of Bittorrent is as a backup solution.

@curufuin I mean I'm sure I'm an outlier in this but I pointedly commit crimes when I see cops because fuck cops. @melissasage

@curufuin @melissasage given how the funding incentives work there's no reason not to expect crime-farming

institutions set up to fight things are the worst

@melissasage I think there was a banker or stockbroker or something strike in Ireland, it took 6 months for people to even notice

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