people who don't use it don't understand just how profoundly bad of a website tumblr is. i'm not even talking about the community, just the actual software itself. to say that tumblr is incompetently coded is an insult to incompetence. tumblr's source code is the programming equivalent of sweet bro and hella jeff.

for **years** on tumblr there was a bug that let you edit other people's posts. you could just boost someone else's post and make it look like they were professing their love for fat cocks. that was a thing you could just do. it only ever got "fixed" because someone did it to John Green and he complained. and "fixed" is in quotes there because the community immediately found another method to edit other people's posts, that was ALSO not patched for years

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this is the kind of thing that happened *all the fucking time* any time the dev team did any kind of aesthetic tweaks to the website

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