people who don't use it don't understand just how profoundly bad of a website tumblr is. i'm not even talking about the community, just the actual software itself. to say that tumblr is incompetently coded is an insult to incompetence. tumblr's source code is the programming equivalent of sweet bro and hella jeff.

for **years** on tumblr there was a bug that let you edit other people's posts. you could just boost someone else's post and make it look like they were professing their love for fat cocks. that was a thing you could just do. it only ever got "fixed" because someone did it to John Green and he complained. and "fixed" is in quotes there because the community immediately found another method to edit other people's posts, that was ALSO not patched for years

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this is the kind of thing that happened *all the fucking time* any time the dev team did any kind of aesthetic tweaks to the website

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tumblr would regularly "remove" features by simply adding a "hidden" CSS attribute, rather than actually removing the feature. this notoriously allowed people to undo tumblr staff's automatically marking their blog as explicit, but also allowed people to just manually send each other fan mail, which was a terrible DM feature, long after it was supposedly discontinued, because the backend was still functional and all tumblr did was hide the buttons.

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you could get around the automated "moderation" bots that removed porn and other nsfw content by simply tagging your post "sfw".

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here's a diagram of how the tumblr reblog system "works", courtesy of tumblr user canmom

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tumblr added a volume control slider to their audio player. this is what happened.

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@melissasage whenever I was sent a tumblr link I was like "what THE FUCK is this. people actually use this... and enjoy it??"

@anarchiv you honestly don't even know 0.001% of how bad that website is unless you regularly used it

@melissasage @anarchiv from a technical standpoint, it has improved a lot but it's still buggy and clunky as hell. Y'all heard of tumblr randomly unfollowing blogs for you
I had a case where it re-followed a blog after I unfollowed it.

That was two weeks ago.

I have been on tumblr for the better part of a decade now and I'm not leaving.

@emberr @melissasage @anarchiv
oh yeah <_< that's fun when it happens with yer mutuals!

@melissasage that's the best thing about it, it just isn't possible to make tumblr commercially viable

@em i'm not even talking about that but that's good too tbh

@melissasage no i mean, it isn't commercially viable because it's barely a functioning website. no one who hasn't been on tumblr since childhood would tolerate the way that place works

@melissasage Wait, I thought that was an intentional design choice??? I always just assumed that was how the developers wanted it to be.

Tumblr has always been hot garbage, big agree.

@trashcat i don't think so bc it was patched out, and also, boy, what a fucking wild design decision that would be!

@melissasage my one huge post on tumblr got mad notes suddenly bc someone completely erased what i said and put in something new. i dont know why. it wasnt bad or mocking.

@popstar @melissasage for whatever reason, tumblr decided it would be great if people reblogging posts could delete everything anyone ever said under whatever attached images or videos the post had and start over

that's not even a bug - that was an intentionally implemented feature

I have no idea why 🤷🏽‍♀️

- 🐲

@melissasage what happens when you give people unfettered control of the HTML but also have a base generic home screen

@melissasage Oh, hey, this sounds like a similarly-boneheaded design to Steam's desktop shortcut creation subroutine.

For a long time, you could install a game in Steam for Linux and if it wasn't able to fetch the Linux icon, it'd error out by saying "Desktop shortcut successfully created." The reason we say "error out" is because there wouldn't be any shortcut on the desktop.

@melissasage Later, they flipped the script and would throw an error saying "Desktop shortcut could not be created." after successfully creating a shortcut with the default Steam icon instead of the actual game's icon.

@melissasage Btw, while they eventually got that stuff fixed, they borked 32x32x8 .ico support somewhere along the line, so any Windows game that uses those 766-byte icons from the Windows 3.x days will still create a shortcut without any icon, even if the Linux OS itself supports those .ico files.

@melissasage my favorite, and I don't know if htis was ever patched out, was that if you included a an ellipses anywhere in an ask, tumblr just ate it. Poof! Gone.

@melissasage that's an xkit functionality, vanilla tumblr doesn't have a volume slider.

well, former xkit functionality, probably. hopefully they've patched it by now.

@melissasage !!!

that's what happened to our one viral quote post! most of the rebagels attributed it to somebody-or-other else

granted, it was a quote post so the originator is the linked person, but it was ??? and we were wondering about it

- 🐲

@melissasage god I remember a few years back tumblr did a big ui change and pretty much everyone went on to completely obliterate it because they let you use html or css or something in posts

@melissasage that whole period was completely wild and it got immortalised on the staff blog which has a bunch more examples

@melissasage To this DAY if i'm browsing my timeline and have to turn to the next page I can do it just fine, but if i then try to return to the previous page it will take me to the very beginning of my timeline no matter what. how does this website exist

@melissasage People used to pass around company reviews describing Tumblr as a nightmare place to work. Coworkers would just create features on a whim and push them to production without testing them first, or hanging around afterward.

@melissasage Move fast. Break things. Sell for that early retirement package.

@melissasage I don't believe for a second that this wasn't an intentional feature created by a very optimistic dev team. And then John Green said he loved the taste of cock, and that was just too much.

@melissasage the rp community was /so/salty when this happened tho bc it made it hard to erase previous replies in post-chains

its only extra funny to me bc i remember fellow RPers being like "WHY is tumblr TARGETING US"


user: *plays video somewhere on the dashboard (Tumblr timeline)*

tumblr: ah, you are playing a video - you must want space bar to be the pause-unpause button!

user: *finishes enjoying the video, moves on*

user: *sees a tumblr post to reblog*

user: *clicks to reblog*

user: *starts typing to add a comment or a tag or whatever*

tumblr: ah, you hit space! I'll unpause that video for you instead of typing it. :)

@melissasage at some point recently, something happened that caused some people's reblogs to reverse the order of the reblog chain

so instead of:
>> abacuses
> abacuses or abaci?
it would be
> abacuses or abaci?
>> abacuses

...and then the next reblog would sometimes go:
> abacodes
>> abacuses or abaci?
>>> abacuses
[picture of Abba]

@melissasage so like is there a reason they can't hire more programmers to fix it or are they just that poor and understaffed lmao

@melissasage honestly if i was still working for tumblr in the year of our lord 2020 i wouldn't either

@melissasage this thread is hilarious, thank you. Kinda giving me nostalgia.

@melissasage i am a regular tumblr user and all i really know firsthand is that moment of panic whenever i'm on a strange device and i realize i'm browsing tumblr without xkit

@melissasage something that really fucks me up is that, because I have loading animations turned off for my Android phone, I can barely watch videos on Tumblr. Because, for some fucking reason, Tumblr's video player uses Android's loading animation function for the video player's overlay

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