Oh.. ? "Much to my surprise, we found that, even though we know that Native Americans were in New England for at least 14,000 years with, at certain times in history, fairly large population densities, the ecological signal was essentially invisible," said Chilton. "If one did not know there had been humans on the landscape, it would be almost impossible to detect them on a regional scale."

I literally had eco-fascists screaming the opposite at me just a week ago.


It's always amazing to see mainstream science finally begin to catch up with what indigenous peoples have been saying for hundreds of years.

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@Bashabez we still have people who think horses didn’t exist in america before the spanish. fuck white academia

@cute @Bashabez how do they explain the native riders kicking cowboy ass?

@efi @Bashabez magic native american blood connection to the animal spirits or some shit i’m assuming


@cute @efi @Bashabez I was today years old when I learned that horses were not in fact introduced to the Americas by the Spanish, as I was always taught in school, and this lie is in fact a 500+ year old piece of Spanish colonial propaganda


@melissasage @cute @Bashabez I am spanish and I never heard this lie
always assumed horses got there the same way bears, cows, wolves, foxes, cats and rats did... the stretch is to think something as widespread as horses was the one thing that did not get through before the humans

@efi @cute @Bashabez the story I was told in school was that horses evolved in North America and went extinct at some point before humans started living on the continent, and that all horses in the Americas today are actually descendants of the ones brought over by Europeans

like of course as a grown person reading this now it sounds ridiculous, but, yeah

@melissasage @cute @Bashabez technically true if you count crossbreeding as extinction (???)
the modern american horse is not the same species as the precolonial horse in the same way afroamericans are not african *shruuuug*

@efi @melissasage @cute @Bashabez The part about African-Americans is biologistic bullshit. Homo sapiens sapiens is one species and there is NO SUCH THING AS BIOLOGICAL RACES IN HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. The term "Race" applied to human beings is a social category.

@carl @efi @cute @Bashabez I don't think efi is saying race realism here. we're all of the same page: her point is that the difference between both categories is entirely social

@melissasage @carl @cute @Bashabez yes, I was attempting to illustrate how the supposed extinction and reintroduction is part of the same conservative narrative about purity of blood etc which is all big donkey poop racism
horse racism...

@efi @melissasage @cute @Bashabez What's even sillier is that horses specifically evolved in North America, then spread to Eurasia.

@Bashabez Very interesting. I did not know that indigenous oral history contradicted that narrative. Horses being considered status symbols by the Spanish would give them an incentive to lie about that. Also plausible given that lying about indigenous civilizations has been a...pattern of behavior for colonialists.

@melissasage @cute @efi @Bashabez I'm sorry but I cannot verify this article, it provides no sources, and it is completely contrary to all the other evidence I can find. That, and the fact that the only group I found that agreed were the mormons I think this probably misinformation.

@Sheeperson @cute @efi @Bashabez yes because it's an article discussing a dissertation, not an academic article. here's the dissertation pqdtopen.proquest.com/doc/1895

also consider that since we're talking about eurocentrism, you should consider whether that affects any of the sources it's contradicting

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