Who do you prefer to have all your data?

@thufie @melissasage @whiskeysailor

telling you how much we love this would be bad opsec tho, so we won't

@melissasage @whiskeysailor

Cheers, I appreciate the Infosec meme-art!

Actually years ago, I tried to give away free "Tails" TOR browser CDROMS in Harvard Square, from a stack of 40 that I burned.
There were a few takers.

So that bottom-left ultra-sincere Quadrant of Tor Evangelists was me!

(Nowadays, I'd be in the China quadrant for who's the least-worst to get my data, except we never seem to get that option. And I think Tor is 5-eyes fundamentally.)

best wishes and Happy Fedi
🐘 🐘 🐘

@GooseThird @whiskeysailor hah! it's a good natured joke; I've also basically moved from bottom left to top left

can I ask why you think tor is basically five eyes? I've heard that critique before but I don't understand the substance of it

@melissasage @whiskeysailor re: Tor, * Origin, (USNavy grant), * Regime-change promotion (Tor touts its readiness for "dissidents" but sadly they often are US-Squads), * Money trail (nodes funded by Western org's), * Honeypot history e.g. FBI (you get tagged just by using tor, too); and mainly, *** peer Authority *** -- i.e. the best Communist Irish queer Infosec person in HCMC, Saigon Seamus, banned 3x on TW for calling-out US spooks, described flaws of Tor and NGO-land in detail pre-ban 🍯

@melissasage @whiskeysailor I agree with some of this graph. (Five eyes authoritarian right, yes!) But I would put China in authoritarian right as well. For libertarian right, I would put Google/Facebook: what they claim to be, and for authoritarian left I would put Google/Facebook: how they actually behave.

@melissasage @whiskeysailor my favorite part of this is the (correct) implication that auth right and "lib" right are the same.

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