unix: name your computer at the start! even if you don't do a lot of technical programming it's an opportunity to have a little fun and give your machine a name :)
windows: here's your computer. its name is URTCYUTTDSRETJOSDFUGORET. enjoy it.

no one tell me about how it's possible to rename your machine on windows in the replies or else.

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@melissasage I'm sure there's some way to give it a name. Sadly, there's no way to give it a personality.

@InvaderXan i've been using windows on and off whenever my distro breaks and when i need to for work (i need to use some Official Products that won't work in linux sadly) i always miss the incredible freedom of linux

@melissasage There is a way, hidden behind 5 system menus

I don't remember how to do it. On Unix you literally change two files and I'm pretty sure you can use a shell utility for it

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