broke: worrying about a draft because of the war with Iran

woke: realizing the military won't draft because they know it decreases morale at home and they want to avoid Vietnam-style protests at all costs

bespoke: taking a page from Lenin's book and using the imperialist war as an opportunity to overthrow the fucking government

@melissasage idk I mean I don't think that trump or the people in charge give a fuck about that. they would expand a draft because Patriotism and it would be rewritten as the right thing to do, same as always

@alexandria i'm not bothered by swearing under normal circumstances let alone the circumstance where the shit fascist leader of my shit imperialist country started a fucking war

@alexandria i think yo underestimate exactly how badly the US military *does not want there to ever be a draft in the USA under any circumstances short of a land invasion of the continental USA*

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