one of my favorite, strangest websites is

it's an elaborate shitpost of a website that traces an imaginary taxonomy and phylogeny of little plastic waste products, particularly the little plastic bits that they use to keep bread bags closed (occlupanidae)

@melissasage i fucking unapologetically love HORG too and it is my number-one go-to example of why you should not leave biologists unattended

(number two go-to example is sonic the hedgehog protein)

@melissasage A positive sign! I've been saying for months that 2020 will be my personal Year Of The Bread-Tie Art!

plant nerd joke 

@melissasage psssh this is all gonna get over turned when they finally do molecular analysis. phylogeny by phytomorphology is incredibly inaccurate

@melissasage i love HORG! i use the word "occlupanid" in conversation as much as i possibly can

@melissasage like all the best shitposts i think this one has beneficial side effects in the form of getting people to be more aware of the forms non-biodegradable waste can take, especially the small little plastic things like bottle caps, or, well, occlupanidae. i think making people aware of the variability and details of things makes people more aware of those things in general

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