gonna make a new git command, `git fuckup` that randomly does one of the following:
- removes a random commit from your working tree
- randomly applies a commit from a different branch into your working tree
- detaches your HEAD and puts it somewhere else
- attempts to push your code to origin/master
- does a `checkout` on a few random files from a different branch
- randomly edits in your gitignore to include some other files
- does a `pull` from a repository from a completely different project and automatically accepts all incoming changes in the inevitable merge conflicts

@melissasage I was chortling heartily until I got to

> attempts to push your code to origin/master

and then I cackled

@melissasage - adds a BOM to the start of your newest file and ammends the last commit with it

@melissasage still easier to recover from than a bad git rebase

@melissasage And the commit message says it's doing one of the other options, just to be extra confusing!

@melissasage i mean, doesn't git already to that from time to time :blobcatlul:

@melissasage gonna use git fuckup with careful rng manipulation to save a few frames in my git speedrun

@melissasage remember to include a git prune for maximum fuckupability

@melissasage one additional thing that 'git fuckup' could do randomly:
- nothing. just to screw with your mind.

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