speaking of, everyone enjoy this extremely helpful and beautiful map of europe!

i legit credit this map with at least half of my knowledge of european geography bc when i found it i just spent a day figuring out all of the jokes and wrongness in it

assign this joke map to your 10th grade geography class, as a bit,

the only truthful part of this map is in the bottom right where it says "boundary representation is not necessarily authoritative"

@DeltaFlood big same. the afternoon you and i spent just going through every piece of this was incredible

@melissasage Update: I put this map up by my desk at work and apparently a European visitor came to look at our labs while I was away and this map "Almost broke him"

@melissasage I know a map is bad when I can pick out errors with my American geography skills

@kamiten @melissasage Meh, I'd rather hang out in Bringmeham, UK. Or perhaps the capitol of Greece, Sparta!

@melissasage aw man that's too much europe. :< I can't fit that in my cupboard

@melissasage That is so cursed that I keep looking at the parts that don't appear to be wrong, wondering what I've missed. Where's it from?

@eldang i actually don't know the source- it's been basically passed to me third-or-fourth hand. if i ever find it, I'll credit it in the post

@melissasage I feel deep and profound shame at how long it took me to notice

My first inkling was, "Wait, isn't Reykjavík on the western coast of Icel-- oh no"

@melissasage *looks around this map for a few minutes then just gives you this... this look.*

I can't even.

@melissasage Well, at least they recognize the existence of Catalonia.

@Kyresti though in fairness, it's catalonia a few degrees to the left, not catalonia

@melissasage they got Denmark pretty much right. Or at least, that's what it'll look like in 80 years.

@melissasage despite all that's wrong with it, I love that tiny Mousehole in Cornwall is listed, and correctly.

@GwenfarsGarden the best part of it is that *just enough* is right to make the wrong stuff more aggressively bad

@GwenfarsGarden like the fact that afaict the biggest overt geographical joke is the fact that Iceland is upside-down

@Snorlaxation @melissasage and the Hebrides of the west coast of Southern Ireland.

But as an ex Aussie who frequently had problems asking for stamps to Australia but was given the amount for Austria, Vienna Australia really tickles

Who did this map? 😂 The position of cities 🤣 

@MartinShadok i would just like to point out my personal favorite, Belfast and Belslow

@melissasage I like how they thought “Wait Bratislava is very near the south west border of Slovakia. Now, where is Slovakia again? I know! It separated from the Czech Republic so it must be… at the place of the Czech Republic?” 😂 Like they got the position of the country wrong, the position of the city wrong, but they got the position of the city within the country right.

Was this from a history book? 😧

@MartinShadok i know american geographical education is wretched but it's not this wretched

@melissasage I've already seen silly mistakes in old history books, but to this level, that would have been very worrying. Thanks for sharing 😊

(Legoland, Duplo, and Belslow should have helped me noticing that it was all on purpose 😅)

@melissasage The Magyarország looks like “Hungary” in Hungarian, if I'm not mistaken. This is very good too 😁

I also like the Goscinny joke a lot! Let's put a Uderzo near Saint-Malo and it will be complete! 😀

@melissasage nynorsk and bokmål as towns in "finland" are very good

@CornishRepublicanArmy smh fake leftist doesn't support catalonian independence (in basque country)

@melissasage to be fair, there IS a part of Tunis which is still called 'Carthage'

@CornishRepublicanArmy it's a suburb isn't it? smh gentrification of the proud carthaginians

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