@melissasage "Maybe if I give it a funny name they won't notice its purpose is to make me more money"

@lastfuture @melissasage imagine opening an article and a banner says "this article disemvoweled by coolguy420" and having to decide if you want to reinstate the vowels in the article

@Authoritimmy @melissasage we could finally have a form of digital vandalism that's much harder to ignore than comments and costs money to restore, just like real vandalism. You gotta give the man some credit there

@melissasage fuck you jeff bezos i gotta learn to read hebrew w/o vowels, you think i won’t do the same w/ english to spite you ? smh

@melissasage what is the fucking...so, people would have to pay to read an article that nobody wanted to read in the first place, and has since become deliberately unreadable?

@melissasage these people live on a completely different plane of reality. It's like the wacky shit college freshmen come up with in dorms, but people like Bezos and Musk have no lack of resources preventing them from doing it, and we have to live with the aftermath of that

@stolas It's from the Wikipedia page on disemvoweling. I invite you to check the sources and despair.

@melissasage For a while there, Kotaku had that same 'disemvowel' feature in use as a form of message moderation. It was hailed at the time as an innovative solution, but very quickly proved itself to be far more irritating than simply hiding, deleting, or tinting the comment to easily-ignored gray.

@melissasage if you pay $10 you can change a reporter’s avatar

@melissasage The tremendous thing is this isn't something he came up with, it has a history circa 2008 Boing Boing via moderation ported over from the Making Light blog. Bezos floating it in 2013 manages in blog historical terms to be kind of an amazingly late "oh wait what if" appropriation of an idea that had already gone through some signiiiiificant social discussion years earlier.

@melissasage though n.b. in its actual formulation on ML and BB there was no question of being able to buy your vowels back, so kudos to the nigh-trillionaire for finding a way to make it even worse with capitalism and essentially throwing in with Something Awful in the process

@joshmillard so like what part of this post made you think i both didn't know what disemvoweling was or needed its history explained to me

@melissasage nothing! I was just delighted to even see it came up and fell into a web historical fugue state. Not intended as a correction and I apologize for giving that impression.

@melissasage he deserved every swirlie he ever got in high school

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