Mastodon has too many fucking hot people on it. biggest drawback of this website.

if you've ever posted a selfie this post is about you, cutie

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@deejvalen i can't boost posts from the media tab on Tusky but know that I tried

@deejvalen oh that's an extremely cute nickname! not one I've used myself. I've had people use Mel, M, even Lissa, but never Melly

@deejvalen one partner did call me Melon as a pet name. it was very cute imo

@melissasage Its avery cute (and fitting) name if they're into nibbling on you

@deejvalen @melissasage I used to have a partner named Melissa and I called her Melmel :x

@melissasage what baffles me the most is probably how many of the greatest shitposters, the kind of shitposting i detest personally, are fucking hot, and it's making me confused.

@maloki the most aggressive example bc they're as hot as their posts are bad, and their posts are exquisitely awful

@melissasage im so sorry, i'll just have to post more selfies as penance

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