the age-old dilemma:

long hair pretty
my hair has become entangled in ways that baffle topologists. leading mathematical researchers look at the knots in my hair and jot down in their notebooks, certain that my hair has wrapped around itself in spatial dimensions heretofore inaccessible to humanity. Would-be Alexanders pull out their swords, but upon facing this Gordian knot, weep in futility

@melissasage and the old sages will say of me centuries later, "some say she's still there, spritzing more and more detangling coconut oil spray into her hair, hoping that maybe she'll be able to finger-comb out the one fucking knot and cursing herself for not booking those regular split-ends trims"

@melissasage same, but my hair also seems to want to destroy literally anything it touches and honestly at this point i'm kinda scared to try and get it cut

@DeltaFlood @melissasage

my hair is longer than it has ever been before and I never realized how much of a thing it was for hair to accidentally get in your mouth

@melissasage It's broken more combs than i can count. Once I tried using wooden hair sticks to pin it up and they snapped in half. A week later i tried again with a metal one and It Fucking Bent

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