two weeks from tomorrow is the eleventh anniversary of the day that Muntazer al-Zaidi threw his shoes at George W. Bush and instantly became a legend

the last I heard of him he was running for the Iraqi Parliament on the ticket of a coalition that included the Iraqi Communist Party, but the English media coverage of Iraq is so bad that I can't find very much about how he's doing. It *looks* like he won his election, so good for him

@melissasage I disliked W but had to give him props for his quick reflexes that day.

@mkb You are missing the point. The post was not about reflexes. It has a far more important content in it, which you are apparently not reading nor acknowledging. I wonder why.

@mkb Your post is a Derailing. Look it up.
Giving you the benefit of a doubt, you may not have used Derailing intentionally.
Just calling you out on it.

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