there hasn't even been a fire/fighting starter for almost a decade but we're all so jaded from 3 successive generations of them that we're forever more on guard


shout out to, one of my favorite projects, who redesigns every single pokemon as Fire/Fighting to appease Game Freak pervert made this decision in the first place

(for the record: infernape is the only one of the fire/fighting pokemon i like. blaziken is overrated and while i like the journey to the west theme continuing with emboar... it just didn't need to be fighting.)

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@melissasage How dare you (the last games I played were the Emerald third-gen)

@radicalrobit the truth hurts (jump into swsh if you wanna get back in, they're pretty good! i also heartily recommend black/white and sun/moon, but i'm more luekwarm on both of those games's sequels)

@melissasage I've played a little bit of Ultra sun or whatever it's called but it's through an emulator. It's alright. Lot has stayed the same but a lot has changed. I think Emerald is still one of my favorites but it's probably all nostalgia driven as it was the last game I played on GBA.

@Ophillous that day will be soon. god wil not forgive you for this

@melissasage I will simply ride my naruto running chicken woman into the sunset

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