your regular reminder that censoring words l*ke th*s is actively counterproductive because it bypasses the filters that people set up for themselves

to take an innocuous example, if i use filters to block the word "orange", and you write "or*nge", you have now ensured that i will see a post that i have explicitly tried to get out of my timeline

a good etiquette is that if you're finding you want to censor a word, instead consider leaving it as-is, so wordfilters will catch it, and using a euphemism for the word (e.g., "f-slur") in the CW of the post

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@melissasage As I understand it, didn't that technique evolve on Twitter to avoid text-based searches of certain hot-button issues? Like I thought the whole thing was just to avoid reply-guys, which are a lot harder to get around here in the first place thanks to the lack of text search.

@witchfynder_finder yeah. this isn't twitter, though, and we have more than enough other ways of dealing with reply guys since we have competent moderation, mutes, blocks, etc. There's no sense in doing one that breaks post filtering.

also mastodon instances do have full-text search. or so at least i think? idk. radtown doesn't bc ours is infamously broken, so i don't know what it's like on, say,

@melissasage Yeah, exactly.

And if there are instances with full-text search, they aren't using the mainline version of Mastodon unless that feature got added recently. It was specifically left out to help combat that sort of behaviour (which is also why some people try to push hashtags so hard).

@melissasage @witchfynder_finder (you can only search posts you personally made or personally interacted with prior to searching)

(ours is broken but even if it was working it wouldn't let you jump in somebody's menchies who you've never heard of before)

I may add that text to speech programs get crazy when they read an asterisk like this: * .

@witchfynder_finder @byttyrs @melissasage

@solarkraft @melissasage @witchfynder_finder this is one of those experiences that breaks down partially, but not completely, along demographic lines. I have relatively few problems with reply guys unless I talk about something fat-posi that touches on health, and then someone usually catches it on the Federated TL to be a bitch about it. but some people I know are just constantly inundated with combative know-nothings. TL;DR: discoverability is about as much an anti-feature as a feature, and positive or negative experiences of it are highly individual

@solarkraft @melissasage @witchfynder_finder basically: I can see how someone would feel that way, but for other people, strangers finding their posts is about 90% aggravating

@solarkraft @byttyrs @melissasage @witchfynder_finder

> I understand there can be a problem with people aggressively replying to all posts on a certain topic (how bad is it?)

[stares at this forever]

@melissasage Thanks for that. I'd never thought of it that way and thought that I was being h*lpfull. I will adopt your method going forward when feeling sweary.

@melissasage good info, thanks! I'll start putting this into practice now.

@melissasage ḅëẗẗëṛ ḟïḷẗëṛ ẗëċḧ ïṡ ṅëëḋëḋ ḅëċäüṡë ḟïḷẗëṛïṅġ äḷṡö ẅöüḷḋṅ'ẗ ẅöṛḳ ïḟ ṡöṁëḅöḋÿ ḋïḋ ä üṅïċöḋë ċöṅṿëṛṡïöṅ ẗö ẗḧëïṛ ċöṅẗëṅẗ ẅḧïċḧ ïṡ ẗṛïṿïäḷ ẗö ḋö
@xj9 @melissasage
step 1: print to postscript
step 2: run ocr with fuzzy detection and a language pre-selected
@toast @melissasage


like people should be polite, but also regex is a terrible way to filter your tl
@xj9 @melissasage something something "godel incompleteness"

@melissasage I found today that a 90s song that I really like (from a well known album, #1 hit stuff) is censored on youtube, apparently chickenshit is an unacceptable word now. It was turned into "chickensh".

@melissasage I'm convinced that people using that are censoring for themselves. They want to be able to use swear words without admitting to themselves that they are.

Anyone reading it isn't helped. It's not like it isn't obvious what word they use. It's not like they'll be less offended by the language.

@loke @melissasage
for me, i do it for words that i'm not comfortable with saying, and generally cw it appropriately; i hadn't thought of it getting past filters, though

@melissasage does this also apply to using certain symbols, like ? and ! alongside words? I just wanna make sure for future reference.

@nonbinary it should catch "orange!" but not "or!ange"

when in doubt, it's basically the same rules as ctrl-f

@melissasage That makes... *some* sense on twitter, to avoid keyword searching. It doesn't make sense on mastodon, I think.


Mastodon does not have full text search! So censoring words will not effect how difficult it is to find your post (only hashtags & changing the visibility of your post will)

@melissasage I just spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out what naughty words "l*ke" and "th*s" were.

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