remember hearing an interview with a futurist years ago whose whole thing was that he thought literacy was going to disappear or at least become a niche skill because people could just interact with their technology through voice commands and every once in a while i wonder what it's like to be so fucking wrong about literally everything, to be so fractally wrong that you think that that is even a remote possibility


if you force me to interact with technology using my voice i'm becoming an anarcho-primitivist

@melissasage voice control is like the poster child for anti-accessibility, nobody can use it so much of the time.

doesn't work outside, too much background noise.

can't use it with someone sleeping next to me, too obnoxious.

can't use it in an open office, both?!

@cdr @melissasage The best thing voice control is for, is allowing a device permissions to spy on you and everyone you interact with, hooray.

@melissasage i'm actually hugely interested in voice control for various computer interfaces but never when there's another option and certainly not with the natural language processing hand wavery that all the megacorps want to buy into

@melissasage i want to see what voice control is like if it was designed like a command line terminal or something

@shoofle at that point we're talking about Star Trek "Computer, access..." kind of thing, which is very clunky but seemed like it allowed arbitrary code execution purely with the voice

@melissasage yeah I'm so interested in that control space! I like the idea of freeing up my eyes for other things. It's so much cooler than "OK Google, guess what I'm thinking"

@melissasage actually my very precise interest is in what text manipulation and editing could look like in a voice controlled space. Correcting transcription errors, inserting text, paste buffers, etc

@melissasage anyway, you've activated my special interest card, etc

@shoofle have you ever read stuff about how transcribing and translation are both inherently political acts

@shoofle I can't find the specific one I'm thinking about for translation but here's one of the articles that was around it, about how hard it is for translators to deal with Trump (bc they are forced to either translate him directly and look like they don't know how to do their job or are purposefully making him sound worse, or "fix" him in translation and make him sound more coherent than he does in English)

@melissasage I don't even like interacting with people using my voice

As a person who lives in a collective with 5 Google nests provided by landlord. Yes.

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