just donated $10 to a Guatemalan organization working with the Disappeared: finding out what happened to people in the chaos of that country's civil war, and hopefully charging some of their killers with crimes.

normally I wouldn't mention it, anonymous giving being generally more honored in Judaism, but I did this not out of pure selflessness, but also to officially register my guess that Henry Kissinger will die on my 30th birthday.

you can do this too by going to henrykissinger.rip, which has a list of suggested organizations that help repair the harms of US imperialism

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@melissasage Yea alright that's a pretty good reason to bring up a gift. Best website I've seen all day. I hope you win!

@melissasage this message is great because it just moves the blame from the implied endorsement to a different, stronger, still implied endorsement

@ben the phrase "in no way endorse the incredibly cool crime" has gotta make its way into my vocabulary now. it's so good

@jacethechicken it's probably the best armchair activist thing i've seen in some time honestly

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