i've seen those jokes about like "how to put D&D on your resume" on linkedin of all places and it really makes it obvious how much of the job search process is horseshit. you know it's horseshit when you're writing it, they know it's horseshit when they're reading it, but they still require you to do it anyway

it's truly difficult to come up with a less efficient or more dehumanizing way of matching people to jobs that are both 1. needed 2. fit their skillset than how we currently do it under capitalism

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unironically believe that job lotteries would do a better job than the current system

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not even touching that capitalism requires a sizeable surplus labor population that stay unemployed in order to depress wages

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also, to be clear: the current system is already a job lottery. you just have to enter hundreds of them and hope you win multiple lotteries in a row (those lotteries being things like "someone randomly decides that your resume looks interesting", "no one randomly decides that they like another candidate better than you", "you already won the genetic lottery of being a straight cis white dude")

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because I have worked professionally with trans topics for years there's literally no avoiding that trans topics are on my resume. it's impossible to write it such that transness isn't there.

if there is a single transphobe in the process I'm fucked.

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@melissasage other key lotteries include: born into a wealthy family, born without any significant disabilities, interviewer and hiring manager were both having a good day...

did you know that candidates interviewed just before the interviewer’s lunch break are drastically less likely to be hired, whereas those interviewed just after are significantly more likely to be hired, because of how hunger affects the interviewer’s mood?

@darius imo the ideal, post-revolutionary promotion method is a lot like how the Athenians picked their judges: randomly chosen, serving for a set term, then someone else gets a chance

@melissasage yes, agreed. it's the only solution to the problem of "anyone who wants power probably shouldn't have power"

@melissasage I love to be the specific kind of disabled where *job searching* (and other application processes) *specifically* is the thing I cannot do

@byttyrs big mood tbh. like, this is actively bad for my mental health and i hate doing it, but a year ago i probably literally couldn't do it at all.

@byttyrs @melissasage
yeah i've started getting panic attacks from applying for jobs?? obviously not a good thing

@melissasage Maybe it's self-filtering like the OK Cupid dating strategy-- you definitely will not appeal to everyone, but the ones that like you REALLY like you

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