Javascript is the English of programming languages

- kludged-together clusterfuck
- many decisions were made to keep compatibility with old versions despite that not really making sense
- a whole lot of arcane logic that only makes sense if you really drive into the history of it
- bad to do math in
- basically everyone needs to know it at least a little
- lingua franca because the predominant powers on Earth just so happen to use them

@melissasage i feel like smalltalk would be like perfect telepathy between all living things, allowing you to talk to your favourite plant n'shit

@melissasage @dirtycommo Objective C is German because it is inordinately fond of long compound names, such as pageViewControllerPreferredInterfaceOrientationForPresentation and HMCharacteristicValueCarbonDioxideDetectionStatus

Lisp is Italian then: it has a million different dialects that make absolutely no sense to somebody who only studied the literary language on books


@dirtycommo @melissasage German is C and Luxembourgish is C++. Dutch is Go. I think this speaks for itself :p

@melissasage What are the esperanto and lojban of programming languages?

@melissasage @lotus42 - Like a whore at the wharf, willing to take any load from visitors for a nickel.

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