can you imagine being coerced into a career? I'm so glad that that doesn't happen in America

anyway, learn to code or you'll probably starve to death

@melissasage They call it freedom because you have the option to die instead.


liked only for you having the courage to admit it publicly

@melissasage idk about y'all but when i was growing up in the usa they always pushed STEM shit really hard for everyone including the girls, and they basically acted as if you weren't a scientistst or and engineer you'll always be poor for your entire life because blue collar jobs are bad or something. nevermind that being a tradesperson can pay better than half the jobs you'd get with a masters

@melissasage "Oh, there's no way those backwards freedom-hating countries have better gender representation than the free west, they must have cheated somehow! See, their representation is illegitimate."

@melissasage goddamn commies forcing women to have advanced science degrees

@interneteh @melissasage
Wait so communism results in better gender equality than captialism does in the workforce?


Maybe the alleged benefits of coding is overrated. With artificial intelligence it's quite possible that most of coding jobs will also disappear as smarter AI will be able to code.

@ThisIsLeeloo @melissasage actually, women weren't conscripted in the army, but during war were forced to do war-related work like making bullets and so on. Staying at home taking care of kids was an option IIRC.

Also Gorby might have brought glasnost but it was Eltsin who brought that 10 years of freedom we had

@melissasage ah, the dark communist legacy of gender equality

@melissasage the best part is how the comment at the top makes the headline of the article sound like something undesireable LOL

@melissasage Sat what you will about the commies but at least they had the decency to just outright give you your assigned job instead of making you guess which one you will need 10 years in the future.


My grandmother's cousin was born in California and became a nun. They noticed she had academic talent and put her through a liberal arts degree and then noticed she was good at science and math, so ordered her to get a PhD in biology. (If you do a google scholar search on SMG Leahy, you'll see a lot of publications in the 70s and zillions of citations until present day).

Literally, the Catholic church pressed her into a scientific career.


"BACK IN SOVIET TIMES WOMEN WERE FORCED INTO ICKY SCIENTIST ROLES" is the only thing I can imagine they were trying to infer

@melissasage This headline makes me so angry every time I see it. I have no clue how people can be so sexist and simultaneously so blissfully unaware of that fact

@melissasage @KitRedgrave

I mean, I've got a two degrees of separation from those women, I could tell you that story if you wanted, but it will need a hell of a CW....

(Science is a small community, chemistry doubly so)

@melissasage this thread is the closest i've ever come to being a communist

Is it that much of a difference whether the state forces you or whether you take up a career because others do not pay? I'd gladly continued studying archaeology if it had not been clear that it ends in unemployment.

@melissasage and sometimes even learning to code doesn't help you!

Capitalism is such a scam :(

@melissasage yeah god forbid women work in STEM< anyway back to us begging and bribing women to work in STEM so that we don't look as bad,

@melissasage Steven TheEconomist can't comprehend why women would be interested in scientific work without a scary commie govenrment forcing them to (checks notes) learn things and do research... like do they hear themselves?

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