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What I want you to take away from this thread are three different things:

1. Read Fanon.

2. The strategies of racism in liberal democracies are the direct evolution of the racism which was developed during the era of overt colonialism.

3. These strategies, while they distance themselves from physical violence, perpetuate a violence which is just as real, whose effects are just as physical.

The difference between symbolic and material violence is in the method. The effects of symbolic violence are just as material, because we are our bodies and our bodies are material. The unmaking of our minds is the unmaking of the bodies our minds are.

From an (especially enlightened) white leftist perspective, the ban on the veil is a symbolic attack on people's ability to practice their faith without shame or government intervention, and an excuse for cops to brutalise Arabic women.

For the women who have to experience it, it is a forced, violent alteration of their very ability to be in a body, which is to say to be anyone at all.

the best thing about β€œ#resist” is that it reveals that libs aren’t actually fighting for any change, they just want to hold their ground until they can return to the status quo

Hey friends, if you share my interest in 1.) praxis and 2.) pawbs, I made you some stickers. Get them here -

the wii had shop channel music but the switch doesn't

nintendo is incompetent

The only thing special about the social media giants is their duplicity

Facebook made their money by exploiting their users the most underhanded fashion and then became a safe space for the internet's worst behavior.

Twitter has never turned a profit and has survived by getting periodic VC cash transfusions, which explains why they are so friendly with bad actors posing as conservatives.

The idea that these places represent progress is a bad joke.

I'm sorry, "developers are perhaps not adequately credited for their contributions and suggestions to an open-source project" is not a reason for me to leave a social network, declare it "crumbling," and make a lot of wildly inaccurate statements about it in a widely read publication

welp, there was some disagreement on whether or not method A or B for coding this feature was safer for marginalized people in the git repo comments, better go back to having my data harvested and soul sucked out of my nose on corporate social media about it

reading everyones hot takes about the daily dot piece. ugh. people are really forgetting how decentralization works. there is no "mastodon" culture. there are bubbles. failing to mention that over half the people on the fediverse don't speak english and live in countries that have their own politics and their own presidents and dictators to talk about.

*to the tune of womanizer* unionizer unionizer unionizer

genuinely surprised and disappointed that no one's made a full emoji set of kirby

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