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how to post
1. deep fry your own brain
2. type the result and hit send

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@wintgenstein I'm a science educator. I teach the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism

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alright enough people are reacting to my posts about homonationalism with "what's homonationalism" that maybe it's worth describing it a bit more

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Marx's Capital, volume 1, chapter 1, section 1: The Two Factors of Commodities 

gonna try to toot out threads of my notes for Capital as I go along, to help me digest this book. so without further ado:

like the Whitlam coup is shocking history to me mostly because you rarely hear about the CIA interfering much in white settler colonies lol

a much softer touch was used than in, say, Chile, but the result is the same from the CIA's perspective

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I had no fucking clue the CIA had orchestrated a coup in Australia not even fifty years ago, christ

in general CIA history is the single greatest argument against democratic socialism

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the main problem with most of the OOP architecture i see is they encapsulate way too much data, so you ask for a banana and the program hands you a banana, the monkey holding it, and the entire fucking jungle

too bad radtown search doesn't work or I would be boosting every single vagina dentata post I've ever made rn

as a nonbinary person, the only honorific I am willing to accept is "you filthy animal"

I was reading about crocodiles and those fuckers have special heel bones that let them walk sprawled out or with their legs up like a mammal.

Nothing else walks like they do.

And some of them used to be bipedal.

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Birds and crocodiles, the only living archosaurs left, have really strange organ systems. They have air sacs, unique bones, special ways of vocalizing and walking and breathing, they're odd creatures compared to mammals or other living reptiles.

Dinosaurs might have had deeply strange ways of breathing and digesting and moving and we'll never really know.

I still find it surprising that anything works at all, engineering-wise.

Disturbing neural net cat picture 

How many times do I have to delete and repost this horrific image before Masto decides I really do want to content warn AND add an image description?

Disturbing neural net cat picture 

When I sent this to @melissasage she said "Me"

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