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the kind of software you use isn't activism. the kind of media you consume isn't activism.

activism is activism and there's not a shortcut around it.

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the American founding fathers are the most overrated batch of schmucks in all of human history

warning - extreme existential dread levels detected

(96%) 鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枲鈻犫枴

In an hour or so the temperature in the shade in New York City will exceed human body temperature. You will effectively be running a fever while taking a siesta in the park.

Subway stations can be expected to be much hotter. They are very dangerous places to be right now.

Shelter in place, if possible. Use a phone app to announce train arrivals to limit time spent on the platform. Take a cold shower or bath. Run cool water over your wrists. Drink water.

Check in on you elderly neighbors.

Jewdas just put out a fucking perfect "typology of British Jews" and it more or less also applies to Jews in the U.S.

Closeup magicians have a place in this world and it's doing magic tricks for baboons

p sure that any app that just puts "Bugfixes and stability improvements" in the release notes is deliberately doing this to cover up shady background features like instagram's always on speech recognition to improve ad suggestions

Fun way to find random documents. Go to Google search, and search for

filetype:pdf the

Feel free to replace the word "the" with any other innocuous word. You'll get a bunch of random PDFs.

Another fun constraint:

filetype:pdf site:org the

This will return PDFs by ".org" domains (mostly nonprofits) so you get a bunch of random reports.

Also try

filetype:pdf "internal use only"

capitalism = live in a capital
communism = live in a commune
socialism = live in a society

ATTN WESTERN MASS PEOPLE: Just heard from verified sources that three black ICE SUVs with armed ICE agents have been spotted on Rt. 9 in Hadley heading toward Amherst. If you see them, film them and call the SiS hotline (if you don't have it already, DM me)

So #GitLab Pages has finally rolled out their automatic #LetsEncrypt integration for hosted web sites. It's quite painless and automatically renews certs. So glad that I don't have to manually do this or maintain some brittle CI-based scripts anymore.

If you've got a GL-hosted site, take the next 90 seconds and go secure it!

#HTTPS #TLS #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

When hiring you want to maximize the odds of the person you hire being successful in your organization. This is not the same as trying to measure applicants against some mythical objective and universal ruler of technical merit.

one of the most depressing expressions of capitalist stockholm syndrome are those people who get deeply invested in the box office totals of superhero movies, first week sales of taylor swift albums etc etc. grotesque

Expropriation, Work 

I'm skeptical that "human nature" exists as such, but if it does and we could theoretically discover its properties, we would still have huge methodological problems untangling "human nature" from external conditions.

but selfish, brutal, grasping competition for short-term gain with no regard to common good or the long-term future? that's literally a direct product of capitalism. zero-sum profit-hoarding from underpaying exploited workers is the fundamental M.O. of the bourgeois/capitalist/owning class.

the people whose wealth goes into printing educational materials have a vested interest in making their class-specific motives and behaviors disappear into the generality of "human nature." that's what 'false class consciousness' IS: the working class, duped into accepting the sins and values of their oppressors.

the bourgeois push the narrative that "no-one will work for free" (food, housing, leisure, infrastucture by and for workers/dependents = "for free") because they won't lift a fucking finger for anything that won't make them a profit. fuck that. selfishness isn't "human nature," it's a bourgeois class value

Why would you censor things like th*s.

What does it do except get around filters.

Please tell me what the point of this is

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