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the kind of software you use isn't activism. the kind of media you consume isn't activism.

activism is activism and there's not a shortcut around it.

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the American founding fathers are the most overrated batch of schmucks in all of human history

arguments about regional food variations and time zones are the lifeblood of this platform

In the intro to WarioWare Gold, Penny is seen picking up a giant pink phone receiver (top). The phone is never seen in-game again, making it a one-off joke. However, a post-release animation on Nintendo of Japan's YouTube channel finally shows the phone in full (bottom).

OK but if an astronaut kills another astronaut on the moon is it legally murder

okay so the land in america is US territory. and if you go one metre above land you're in US territory. and if you fly above, you're in US territory (airspace). does it have a limit or does it extend into an infinitely long USA-shaped pyramid expanding at the same rate as the universe

lynne bune - resumé

henlo i am smol rabbit. i am good at

✅ programmeing
✅ rimworld
✅ spending two hours writing a script to automate a five minute task i do once a month
✅ making loud squealing noises when watching animal videos
✅ i beat the undertale genocide run once
✅ configuring linux so you can type diacritics

please do NOT
❌ responsibilities
❌ loud noises
❌ laugh when i say something particularly naive
❌ minecraft with enemies turned on. the endermen make me cry

thank you.

"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

Every time I do an analysis or a plot for a colleague I always send them the R script I used to generate it

Because in like 6 months, when a reviewer is like "this graph is great, but can you make this minor adjustment?"

I will have no memory of ever having made that plot

:ForestPlot: :Scatterplot: :rstats:

shout out to that rotten eggs smell natural gas has added to it so you smell it leaking, bumped the dial on the stove with my ass and only knew because the living room started reeking. 10/10 effective human ingenuity

exclsuively referring to cats as "fluffalos". do not @ me. i know that buffalo are already exceedingly fluffy

18-year-old me: Life sucks!! Society sucks!! Nothing will ever get better!!

Present-day me, emerging from a time portal: Do not worry. Things will improve.

Past me: All of my problems will be solved??

Present me: No... But do not despair. You will become a large sexy cat who's nearly always blepping.

These two events indicate the reason why the Renaissance is constructed as a moment of sudden renewal after a millenium of misery: you're taught to identify "progress" and "culture" with the establishment of colonialism, the reinvigoration of slavery, and the movement towards a uniformly "white" Europe.

You just have to look at which periods you're told to admire: the Roman Empire, and the Renaissance. The Roman Empire is presented as a "civilising force", that brought "democracy" and "knowledge" to the uncultured lands it conquered, and established great infrastructure at the slight cost of large-scale slavery. The Renaissance, meanwhile, is often taught as beginning in 1492, the year of Columbus's encounter with the so-called New World and of the Spanish Reconquista.

I spend a lot of time on here getting pissed off at myths about the Middle Ages, whether it's the idea that they didn't do philosophy, or that they were idiots who couldn't draw. These misconceptions are down to the myth of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages is the way the medieval period is taught at school: you had the enlightened Roman Empire, a golden era of wisdom and liberty, then you had a millenium of pure wretchedness before the Renaissance kicked "Western civilisation" back into high gear.

The Haitian revolution is a disgustingly under covered event. It was such a huge deal that it shook to world and kept a hemisphere in the grip of terror. And do you know why? Because the whites were TERRIFIED, terrified slaves were men with the capacity for freedom and the capacity to organise, to understand and to fight back. Today, I shall be covering the depths if the layed chaos of the Haitian revolution as the slaves rise up, the coloured mixed black people demand equality and the whites... well they go all over the place as the chaos and idealism swipes them all over the place

Take off your shoes! I won't have you tracking praxis all over my clean carpets!

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