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my alts that i may run to if radtown has issues:

you can also find me occasionally on @azathot for lewd/sad posting

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how to post
1. deep fry your own brain
2. type the result and hit send

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@wintgenstein I'm a science educator. I teach the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism

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alright enough people are reacting to my posts about homonationalism with "what's homonationalism" that maybe it's worth describing it a bit more

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Marx's Capital, volume 1, chapter 1, section 1: The Two Factors of Commodities 

support the troops*

*people who are forced to work minimum wage jobs during a pandemic

Sexism in trans spaces 

Sexism in trans spaces 

The Bosses: "You need to learn to embrace discomfort"

[bosses having to use new technology in an era of social distancing]

The Bosses: "Fuckin shit, piss. This sucks, I cannot operate a screen share without shitting my pants. I am incapable of learning new things. This is below my pay grade."

lewd meta 

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it would be amusing to me if, say, a senior british political figure were to expire on this, the day of margaret thatcher's death

ukpol crude 

animal crossing's gender system is fantastic bc as far as I can tell selecting your style as boy or girl only affects which pronouns npcs use to refer to you and nothing else, just like how gender works in real life

@melissasage please also consider moose the mouse

image cw: a nasty mouse boy


fantasy authors cant write a story without at least one guy named "Agranon"

I don’t want to live in a society that believes that a grocery bagger or a garbage collector can’t also be an artist.

forgot one of my favorite things about animal crossing, which is that there are a finite amount of things to really do in a session and the game actually wants you to put it down regularly

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