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my alts that i may run to if radtown has issues:

you can also find me occasionally on @azathot for lewd/sad posting

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how to post
1. deep fry your own brain
2. type the result and hit send

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@wintgenstein I'm a science educator. I teach the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism

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alright enough people are reacting to my posts about homonationalism with "what's homonationalism" that maybe it's worth describing it a bit more

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Marx's Capital, volume 1, chapter 1, section 1: The Two Factors of Commodities 

harassment, block recommendation 

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Remember, it's not technology as a career that's ageist (any more than animation, etc.), it's the ceaselessly exploitative nature of capitalism that burns out and drums out passionate, mature people.

harassment, block recommendation 

Basically Francis Fukuyama is the intellectual equivalent of the kid getting pushed around by a circle of his peers and then wedgie'd behind the Arby's

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SSHing into a wifi powered vibrator and turning the strength to -1, creating a black hole and killing you instantly

fandom is the tool through which studios and publishers save marketing money by making their audience work for free

@byttyrs @melissasage @dankwraith @jackdaw_ruiz idea: the American circumcision cult was never about preventing masturbation, it was cover for surreptitiously removing all of our bacula. Everyone else has dick bones and thinks America is weird

Haven't figured out the motive behind the conspiracy yet. Maybe the baculum is helpful in labor organizing somehow?

overlord musk is asleep post self driving car salt circle

My favorite line from the Wikipedia article on homosexuality in animals:

β€œNo species has been found in which homosexual behaviour has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all, such as sea urchins and aphis.”

I'm a big fan of repairable devices, but only when a supply of replacement parts is maintained for a reasonable length of time and at a reasonable level of availability.

pine64 is on track to provide the full deal, it seems, and it makes me happy.

someone did an sql injection on my car and now it keeps circling this one shop that sells dick pills. i just want to go home

treating my fellow barbershop quartet singers to burgers and fries at the local five guys and getting drawn into pickup nine men's morris

*trans boy who liveblogs his bottom surgery voice* thanks for watching my unboxing video

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