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@wintgenstein I'm a science educator. I teach the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism

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alright enough people are reacting to my posts about homonationalism with "what's homonationalism" that maybe it's worth describing it a bit more

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friends, periodic remember to put your pronouns in your bio! especially if you're cis!

as a trans person myself I will hesitate before following someone who otherwise seems cool if I don't see pronouns in the bio. putting them in there is a really simple way to show your support of trans people and let us know that you're cool- or at the very least making an effort- about trans issues.

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some days it feels like I'm the only person who remembers Ed Snowden

"don't nationalize this big tech company!!! imagine if the government had access to this data!!!"

God Can You Imagine A Dystopia Where The Government Had Easy Backdoor Access To All Our Communications, What A Wild Hypothetical

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Marx's Capital, volume 1, chapter 1, section 1: The Two Factors of Commodities 

it's not like I expected any different from this show but still

these posters' contradiction of the disciplinary ideologeme of truth is so insistent it can only be a reaction to something seen as a negation of the subject's ontology or existence. there is that in the posts on this account which denies, unforseeably - i never heard of these posting amateurs before - the very status of these users as posting subjects

to claim, as do these threads, that i am "a piss dirtbag with puke in my balls", is "idiotic" in the sense of the irrational pronouncement of a singular individual. as bill clinton might have said, had he found himself improbably in my position, "it's the posts, stupid!"

the disfunctional cyber-encounter between an independent work of posting scholarship of large intellectual claims and subtooting subjects of impressive depths of ignorance and utter lack of posting ethics was orchestrated for cacophony by chance. i am grateful to eugen of mastodon dot com for the hospitality that offers the occasion to reflect upon this gargantuan mismatch

i've been seeing some posts circulating that call me an "ass-shitting trash dog" and i would like to reassure my followers that these threads are outrageous, slash-and-trash farrago and made up of misapprehensions, straight-out mendacities, and intentional disinformation. please re follow

i must implore the reader's patience: rational evidentiary rebuttal is more painstaking and takes longer than the slap-dash smaear that knows no limit to falsity

friends at the table cast member changed her pronouns and name and the rest of the group is extremely supportive. you love to see it

billie eilish looks like the gym leader of a grass-type pokemon gym

*me, a zombie, to you, a gravedigger* bold of you to exhume


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