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shout out to people who know they don't know what they're talking about and shut the fuck up

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Marx's Capital, volume 1, chapter 1, section 1: The Two Factors of Commodities 

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the kind of software you use isn't activism. the kind of media you consume isn't activism.

activism is activism and there's not a shortcut around it.

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Me with shaved hair 

like i post cory booker freestyle rapping and it gets 5 notes

i slave away at this desk all day finding more and more cursed content and you people are so ungrateful smh

midnight EST. gonna give it a few minutes to roll out

game's almost out, so it's time to change my profile name. let's fuckin gooo


this post does not deserve a coward's ratio like this

terf bullshit 

@bisaat @melissasage Early on post Aug 5 GoI stated that all reports of torture were lies and came under the criminal law of sedition so if you reported an act of torture in Kashmir you committed an offence and if you didn't they could lock you up under PSA to stop you from reporting an act of torture. Several people started posting reports on Facebook relaying first hand reports from Kashmir thinking they were safe as they lived abroad. Their passports were withdrawn. The americans theorize

The Washington Post's motto is "democracy dies in darkness".

A subscription to the Washington Post's digital edition costs $100 per year.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos.

BusinessInsider estimates Jeff Bezos makes $2,489 per second.

The Washington Post reports 86.6 million unique visitors.

Jeff Bezos makes enough money in a little over than 40 days to buy every single one of those 86.6 million people a subscription.

So it's clearly not lack of money that causes the Washington Post to have a paywall.

Which means there's only one possible reason for their tagline to be "democracy dies in darkness".

It's not a foreboding warning. It's their mission statement.

when you're hitting it from the back and she says "oh by the way you can use my crunchyroll account"

sometimes I write DMs with nobody @'d, they're like little things for only me and the eventual FBI investigator to know.

how are people still joining the democratic primary like fuck off

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