Frankincense is short for "frankingstein census" because of when they did a census of the age, sexual orientation and gender of all the fankingsteins

Really wish I'd spelt frankingsteins properly at the end of this

@pbandkate @matt it's so much better, early contender for toot of the year imo

@healyn @matt and they said he could never follow up turban sage

@matt just so you know, Matt, this post got a shoutout on my podcast

@matt the latest JoJo episode, and Street Fighter II V.

I think it came up because in that SF show Charlie doesn’t look anything like he does in the games, and then I mentioned in SF5 he’s a Frankingstein.

I gave you much praise

@larrydavis I listened to your podcast once and thought you and your co-host were very good, the subject matter just isn't really for me

@matt yeah that’s fine, I don’t mind

I believe in this ep I said “I love Matt” though so someone could probably cut that out if they were so inclined

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