hell yeah my favourite flag is the red white and blue baby! (russian flag)

gonna get famous as a soundcloud rapper but get THIS i'll rap about harry potter....also @evan 's birds will feature on the beat

Sometimes my girlfriend asks me if I have seen the latest "funny meme" and I have to pretend to be normal

wilding out because I learnt te hat the guy who played Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch went on to co-write Paul Blart, Mall Cop

brb changing my name to muppetbutler oppressor

Come on down to the Paul Giamarti. We’ve got the lowest prices on husky bearded men, guaranteed!

Paul Giamatti? He was the rat in Ratatouille, right?

Pour up (wank)
Head shot (wank)
Sit down (wank)
Stand up (wank)
Pass out (wank)
Wake up (wank)
Faded (wank)
Faded (wank)

imagining thinking the tv show 'suits' is extremely cool and boss

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