Q: Are you aware of the 'turban sage' toot?

If respondent answers yes, administer immediate lethal injection

Matt healyn and Larry all sleep in a giant bed together like Charlie bucket's family

@matt This an honest man accused of something he hasn't done

just referred to the basin of the toilet as the 'meat' of the toilet and my gf is appalled for some reason

gfs sister has organised a baby shower for us today and hasn't told us what to expect

This man believes ducks can't run and cricket paddles are called "bats". Ask yourself this: do you want to be on this person's side?

@laser he assures me he isnt, even though i didnt ask

does Herman actually exist? Only ever seen the icon...a conspiracy grows...

I should've known that craiglist listing for a free bouncy castle was too good to be true... now I'm $5k in the hole and it's still haunted

normal website where your online friends profess their will to kill you

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