I'm moving this account to @freya. See you on the other side!

Being out to everyone in my family is a little weird. I never made a coming out post, but I'm receiving so many congratulations on my transition. Even just received one from a remote relative I saw at a party 3 years ago.

I wonder why this clothing brand decided to put pockets in their skirt-trousers but not their skirts.They look so similar.

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After receiving my latest clothing parcel I can now confirm: The skirt does indeed go spinny.

Just got prescribed HRT! No more self-medicating.

Although the 6mg oral once daily seems a bit ridiculous.The other clinics use tablets as a last resort.

Apparently I received a letter half a year ago that I should have taken a blood test in December for this week's gyno appointment. Haha whoops 😬

Welp, nevermind. This was just retracted.

This year's exams are so contradictory.

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Just got told last minute that I'll have to join a zoom call under my real name for a written exam with my camera on. That's certainly one way to come out as trans to everyone on my course.

This is incidentally also my first time being at uni in girlmode.

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On my way to an exam that violates the government's guidelines, the university's own guideline, and the faculty's own guidelines. Someone made a mistake.

You ever get asked to sign a privacy policy with your legal signature?

Like, I just now had to legally sign a privacy policy with my legally binding private key.

Just got on a train to visit my girlfriend :blobcatmmm:

The original plan was to meet in January. That changed to after Christmas. Then we planned for tomorrow. Now we're meeting tonight.

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Girlfriend requested emergency cuddles so now I'm traveling halfway across the country to provide said cuddles.

She also says that my voice passes. I wonder if that is true.

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After training for a year, I just booked my last voice training appointment.

My therapist says that I can have as many lessons as I need for free, but that I don't really need much more guidance. :blobcatmeltlove:

My girlfriend visited me for a couple of days. She left just now but I'm still melting :blobcatmeltlove:

It's also nice to not lose mail and to actually be able to pay for things online.

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Just came home to my apartment to see that my mailbox now has my name on it. It also held new payment cards.

Just a couple instances of my deadname going away.

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