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I started playing Fallen London again, this time as a lady of course. It is basically a story-driven browser game with excellent writing.

Feel free to send me social actions, including affection if that's your thing.

I was cycling home from the hospital. After taking a wrong turn, my 3km return trip became a 10km trip. Whoops.

Apparently my new bicalutamide pills have small mars signs (♂) on them. Oh the irony.

Still sore two days later. I might have overdone it.

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Still really frustrated that when I hear recordings of my own voice it it still resonates as masculine whatever I do. I'm starting to worry that I might never like my voice.

At least it's a far cry from what my untrained voice sounds like.

I picked up my training exercises again yesterday. Considering that my legs, arms, butt, and abdomen are aching I consider it a success.

Technically the truth:
Trans women are just women on steroids.

I only know that it was 5 hours because systemd says I closed the lid 5 hours ago.

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HRT is really screwing with my sleep. I don't remember going for a 5 hour nap with the lights on. And I woke up an hour or two before my usual bedtime.

I have managed to somehow accidentally confess to 3 girls this summer.

If I'm not the chaotic gay I don't know what I am.

I was only attracted to the first one. The other two were miscommunications.

Apparently I choose a surname which contains one stød for each syllable. The stød is a uniquely Danish way to end syllables. This has the consequence that non-Danes can't pronounce my surname at all. Whoops :D

I've not even been 2 months on HRT, but my face has noticeably smoothened. Someone also said that my cheeks are more prominent.

I caught myself thinking “maybe I should take a nap?” not realising that I've just been sleeping for like 3 hours with the lights on.

I must have been tired.

I just went to the other side of the country for a meetup and I think I've just gone on a very spontaneous couch-surfing trip with friends living in the area.

A really big consequence of wearing a mask is that people don't see me smiling

Going to pretend I'm not closeted and spending the day female presenting.

I'm Closeted™️ but I just went outside wearing a skirt and blouse for the first time.

The early transfem HRT experience is encountering random spots that have become *soft* :blobcatmeltlove:

I just noticed that the hair I removed by sugaring two weeks ago has grown several millimeters. I only just noticed now because they are barely visible. Maybe cypro is nuking my body hair growth.

Just got deadnamed while calling my doctor's office for a new prescription. That's a first.

Apparently a software update broke the nicknames in their system.

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