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Suicide PSA 

My parents left me with a babysitter on Y2K and I'm a little pressed by that.

Two things about my day (one lewd) 

Can someone post or link the meanings of the different colored hearts.

At least like we've been using them here.


Lewd + kink stuff + personal relationship crap 

Lewd and sad 

Suicide PSA 

Suicide PSA 


I wonder what will become of the kittens who are adopted under "free adoption" specials.

Beach House - Space Song

I remember first hearing this song when I was in a FlyLo mood and thinking: "This shit is boring af." I often skip songs I don't like within the first 10 seconds if it's on autoplay. But if I come across the same particular song multiple times on different occasions, I'll let it play out. It wanted my attention. That's what happened with this one.

Now this is definitely a banger I play when I'm sad and/or during reflective showers.

My partner thinks I'm a keeper because I like folding our laundry. Little does he know I bribe the apartment goblins with my toaster strudel crumbs to do all the folding.

Hi all,

I have an account on the instance, but I feel weird posting my tomfoolery on there alongside my writing. So I thought why not join a general social instance for my everyday stuff?

I enjoy memes, music, and literature and honestly just discussion in general. While I know conversation basics 101, I can be a bit awkward.

I'm pretty much always down to talk.

Looking forward to being a part of this instance.

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