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Suicide PSA 

Tbh I wish I had a smile as cute and as mischievous as Ruth Wilson's.

Oof. The urge to make a lewd/selfie alt account is strong with the onset of Sag season.

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Self-care grooming 

Somewhat lewd 

Ahh I'm so excited for my corset coming in a few weeks!! It's not custom, but it will be a shape I haven't tried before.

I know a quite bit about corsets because I've sold them, but there are some gaps in my knowledge that I'd like fill.

Can't wait to play the Castle Crashers remake. I have nice memories playing the original with my family.

How I feel as a wee babe surfing the fediverse some days.

My parents left me with a babysitter on Y2K and I'm a little pressed by that.

Two things about my day (one lewd) 

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Can someone post or link the meanings of the different colored hearts.

At least like we've been using them here.


Suicide PSA 

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Suicide PSA 

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