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i apologize for all my old posts and none of my new ones

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haha cutting my hrt pills in half so i dont run out is definitely what i wanted to do during quarantine yup having a good time

i wish i was rich so i could buy every single touhou fumo and then guillotine myself

fellas bot is a coyote expert, who is a little bit hanging off the cap of the year. i just imagine doing it

lets just lean into this goth shit. replace streetlights with victorian gaslamps. all apartments have spires sticking out of them. gargoyles on government buildings

after vigerous debate in my group, we’ve come to a consensus.

is there a better name for gothic lolita any time i get to exclude any flavor of the word "loli" from my vocabulary my life inproves

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every fucking game with clothing in it is a "alice how long can you avoid slamming your forehead into the massive "GOTHIC LOLITA" button" and so far i have been unable to not press it

lining up to shake everyone's hand and say "good game" after the orgy

women over six feet tall, boost if you are in agreement

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