It's my birthday can i get some boosts?

@loki Is that a homestuck thing? I copied it from my partner and I figured she used it because her sona is a lizard. :P

@BatElite aha I mean it's probably not exclusive to homestuck, but it's there too

@loki happy birthday, stranger. may ur day be splendid and remarkable in a positive manner whenever u get the chance to experience such a remarkable thing.

@loki no need to thank me for giving u the kindness anyone should show u on ur birthday tbh. ur appreciated a whole lot by those who care abt ya, I bet

@loki wait, it's the 26th in the uk right?

that's my birthday too!

@Breakfast I turned 18 the day the supreme court ruling legalised gay marriage across the states
*It's like they knew*

If everybody's birthday expectations were this great, I could afford friends 😅
I wish you healthy, prosterous and blessed life.

@murtezayesil thank you so much!

I hate having weird specific expectations for my birthday. I don't really celebrate it so I just use it as an excuse to have a chill time with the people I love the most. Nothing more, nothing less.

@loki its your birthday??!?!?!?

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
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