Gimme your fave albums I probably haven't heard


@goat my top album recommendations in the format *Album - Artist (genre{s})*:

Hide and Hair - The Trials of Cato (folk)
Another Light - Red Vox (indie, rock)
Dark Holler Pop - Mipso (Folk, Bluegrass)
Healing - in love with a ghost (electronic, lo-fi)
Soon It Will Be Cold Enough - Emancipator (electronic, triphop)
Talon of the Hawk - The Front Bottoms (indie rock, folk punk)
Strange Trails - Lord Huron (indie rock/pop)
The Universe Smiles Upon You - Khruangbin (funk, psychedelic?)

@loki @goat hey I ended up listening to Hide and Hair because you mentioned it here; THANK you, that album is great!!

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