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Key points:
鈥 Unless it's locked, you can boost it.
鈥 Boost my selfies.
鈥 Boost my lewds.
鈥 I like tea.
鈥 Tell me what tea you like.

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A Sheep Introduces Herself 

Hi there! Just a humble post for y'all.

I'm Loki~! The tilde (~) there is quite important. I'm a trans girl from England.

Follow me if you want to see selfies with a cute girl in them, tea, a heckload of wholesomeness with just a DASH of lewd, and a drizzle of shitposting.

I'm a student and a Barista, I've an interest in tech, and I'm a huge D&D nerd too.

Anyways, here's me!
(left by ht_banana@twitter )
(right by my best friend )

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, Selfie Edition! (CWs: Selfies, Eye Contact) 

Some of my favourite selfies I've taken in the past few months!

Feel free to boost!

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, NSFW edition! (CWs: NSFW, Kink) 

Good morning! So you all know me as Loki~. Since this new main is going to be very Hornt on Main I thought I'd make an NSFW post too!

So! I'm Loki~! I'm a submissive, and I'm HUGE into pain and rope like *hff* I love them.

I'm usually pretty open to discussing NSFW and kink stuff with people, and am 100% open to being flirted with, just be sure to CW stuff properly please!

This was more brief than intended. Oh well.


You ever see a nude so good it makes you pace around the study like a fraught European intellectual

anyone who claims to not care what others think but does not skip in public is a fucking liar

got caught trying to steal pastries from lidl oi oi lmao

weird that this account has almost 1000 followers and my new main only has like 160.
idc I just find it interesting

we will help Black people find free books/articles/etc 

If you are Black & need help finding a digital copy of any book or article, Sin Yovo Document Reproduction is here to help! feel free to send replies or DMs with requests. can't promise to find everything but will make an effort for anything y'all ask for. No one will be here for Us except Us.

(nonblack boosts welcome for visibility as well as volunteers if you can help with a request that's unmet)


@forestbot two fox in the forest, undoubtedly doing hot girl shit together

u ever look at a tiny cat and be like. tiny cat!!!

@punky radical town is shutting down at an arbitrary point in time and I am moving to get ahead of the curb

okay i think that's most of the people i follow, if i missed you i will likely follow back if you follow me, alternatively you can DM me here on

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