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Key points:
โ€ข Unless it's locked, you can boost it.
โ€ข Boost my selfies.
โ€ข Boost my lewds.
โ€ข I like tea.
โ€ข Tell me what tea you like.

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A Sheep Introduces Herself Show more

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, Selfie Edition! (CWs: Selfies, Eye Contact) Show more

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, NSFW edition! (CWs: NSFW, Kink) Show more

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, Lewd Photos edition (CWs: NSFW, Nudes, No Eye Contact.) Show more

Literally every single gay person should get a nintendo switch for free.

Boost if you agree.

Long story short is that last night I drank tea with the moon, and it ended with me also sharing some with Mother Earth and then writing some weird lesbian witch poetry

I ran out of shampoo and made the mistake of thinking washing my hair with this shit (which claims it's for hair too.):

Ho boy, today I found out that it is ENTIRELY possible for something to dry out faster than the sahara whilst being completely immersed in water.

Well, guess who's staying up ALL night tomorrow to watch the eclipse.

Super Blood Wolf Moon sounds like a trashy anime and I'm so here for it.

gender reveal party. i play you 6 minutes of static projected onto a large white sheet then look at you expectantly

Compersion (noun) The feeling of joy one has experiencing another's joy, such as in witnessing a toddler's joy and feeling joy in response. The feeling of joy associated with seeing a loved one love another; contrasted with jealousy.

hey ๐Ÿ‘ guys ๐Ÿ‘ its ๐Ÿ‘ my ๐Ÿ‘ birthday ๐Ÿ‘ can ๐Ÿ‘ i ๐Ÿ‘ get ๐Ÿ‘ some ๐Ÿ‘ boosts ๐Ÿ‘

I'm basically a secretary. I make sure that the silly stuff my villain orders happens, I make sure that our minions are paid on time, the base is in order, and the mail is dealt with.

When I'm not putting out the fires my villain starts, I'm starting them ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Sure supervillains are good, but have you ever considered being the cute sheep sidekick villain?

Happy boring cis couple do the gender reveal only to find nothing, because I, a thief, have stolen their precious gender. Good luck finding it, heteros.

TERF stands for TERF Exclusionary Reasonable Fucker.

And yes, it does loop infinitely.

Tired: Climbing a 30ft tall woman.
Wired: Being a 30ft tall woman.

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