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Powerful lewds. No EC. Comments and boosts welcome. 

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Key points:
• Unless it's locked, you can boost it.
• Boost my selfies.
• Boost my lewds.
• I like tea.
• Tell me what tea you like.

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A Sheep Introduces Herself 

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, Selfie Edition! (CWs: Selfies, Eye Contact) 

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, NSFW edition! (CWs: NSFW, Kink) 

I climbed a fucking mountain yesterday
It was a small one
But we took the tougher "path" to compensate
So it will counts

Cursed idea 

yeah well don’t just do something, stand there!

you may know me for my good posts but believe it or not im also incredibly cute

I’m a little biased but saying the n word should have a worse punishment than getting caught with an ounce of weed

@​laser@​ i am fucking grumpy as shit today maybe i'll do some deep housecleaning and reduce my trash goblin status


Wow lots of queers love other queers doing cool stuff who'd've thunk

Climbed a fucking mountain btw
(Selfie, No EC, boosts encouraged)

Took a nice picture of some cool leaves.
(Selfie, no ec, boosts encouraged)

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