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Key points:
鈥 Unless it's locked, you can boost it.
鈥 Boost my selfies.
鈥 Boost my lewds.
鈥 I like tea.
鈥 Tell me what tea you like.

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A Sheep Introduces Herself 

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, Selfie Edition! (CWs: Selfies, Eye Contact) 

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, NSFW edition! (CWs: NSFW, Kink) 

everybody likes the rasputin song but one of the bands other songs, ma baker blows it out of the water

Playing dauntless whilst my partner plays Monster Hunter World next to me



kink shitpost 

pretending im a witch just to get some fucking time away from these stupid fucking annoying villagers.

Selfie, eye contact, enby in a nice sweater 

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

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