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Key points:
鈥 Unless it's locked, you can boost it.
鈥 Boost my selfies.
鈥 Boost my lewds.
鈥 I like tea.
鈥 Tell me what tea you like.

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A Sheep Introduces Herself 

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, Selfie Edition! (CWs: Selfies, Eye Contact) 

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A Sheep Introduces Herself, NSFW edition! (CWs: NSFW, Kink) 

Couldn't resist the temptation to add a sound effects track to these kitties... #dit #dah

Cringy selfie, EC, Sword, Boosts ok. 

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Cool selfies, EC, Boosts appreciated 

thinking about an 18th-century bottom writing a蕛djfhlkw蕛 with a quill and ink

mtg nerdery 

i pick up my coffee mugs without using the handle because i am a freethinker

@loki I'm pretty sure she's living in a dimension ahead of the rest of us

my fiance's GF is playing Devil Daggers whilst watching Steven Universe in double speed.

She's fucking galaxy brain ahead of us.

I wish the work to improve accessibility to other desktops was easier than porting and working around GNOMEs design decisions and limitations.
oh wait a sec no we don't have taxes here lol

we're anarchists and the means of production are already ours

sorry my bad there is no taxes anymore i remembered just now have good day comrades

can *you* believe i almost made my comrades pay taxes ? huh. what's my life come to..
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