That one Backstreet Boy: “Am I sexual?”
All of his friends, not paying attention: “Yeah.”

I attended a horse show today where they played the national anthem and I got mad about it. So that's where I'm at

There's not nearly enough gardening advice that focuses on high-production/minimal-input because you won't be able to count on purchasing soil and fertilizer once shit gets really bad. Imho

BROKE: gardening for fun

WOKE: gardening to grow nutritious, healthy, ultralocal produce

BESPOKE: gardening because you might someday need those skills to feed your family and a revolutionary cadre as the agricultural system collapses

I'll post more pictures as these dry, then show you harvest and storage

Instead, just plunge that end into drywall or a popcorn ceiling until it holds fast. Make sure it stays up, then... leave it. Let it hang until crunchy, anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the herb and ambient conditions. Check it every few days

Clean, then bunch your herbs with the stems roughly together. Wrap some string tightly around them and tie it off securely, with a foot or so trailing; wrap that length around a thumb tack. You don't need to tie this end

Drying herbs is really easy and I do a lot of it. I had to cut back my pot of mint, so decided to get an early start. I like gradual open-air drying, which is much gentler than a dehydrator. Here's how:

I think I've done about 45 minutes of work all day today

Still thinking about the guy I argued with yesterday who said I had a "semi-Robespierre Reign of Terror vibe" and how he probably didn't mean it as a compliment

Real righteous anger hours. Real buy a rifle and show up at the doorstep of the nearest CBP official hours

For every good account who follows me back, I will in turn select a longtime follower to follow. This is known as "karma"

How wonderful that I enraged an old friend who's been off the hellsite for literal years with the power of yesterday's Starfleet take

Hate it when a bullshit work-related call interrupts the important tweeting I'm doing

Might fuck around and tear out all my dumbass non-growing cauliflower plants

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