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Gazing into my newborn daughter's sleeping face, tearing up with the cascade of love spilling out of me, and she suddenly frowns and rips a massive fart

if you and another person have each other blocked, you're dark mutuals

remember to sit in well drained soils unless your roots require periodic submersion

Intrusive thoughts are the reply guys of the mind.

I had given up on pretty much all of these plants and I cannot capture how excited I am to see them actually start developing after sitting around for an entire summer

Omfg I thought this thing was dead!!! I was gonna throw it into the compost pile last week!!!!

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I'm also doing the rutabaga and carrots but those are less pretty, I planted them too closely and waited too long to thin so I'm fucking a lot of them up, sorry my smol frends

Thinning out the kale patch today. I kinda hate doing this since they're all healthy and viable plants, but it gives the others the space and nutrients they need. Gotta bulk up before I try to overwinter them. On the plus side, now we've a TON of baby kale leaves

•getting further from the truth• I’m getting closer to the truth

This is a gamble but I got so many dang cukes! Heck

Carrots starting to come in! Some still pretty small but they're developing nicely; these were just a couple that I pulled to check and thin out the row. These will supposedly over-winter here so I think I'll leave a few and try for some seed next year store.experimentalfarmnetwork.

Koronis purple beans! These were really productive and easy to grow, even though I messed up and pulled some way early. Highly recommend

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Hellsite crosspost 

Hellsite crosspost 

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