Yes, I suppose I am a Yuletide socialist revolutionary. That’s right... I’m a Santanista.

i may have been shadowbanned from every conspiracy theory forum on the internet but i'll never give up on my belief that skrillex is banksy

making the police tell me what they mean 'scorpio season is over' as i continue to steal the happy meal toys from the back room at maccies

Ooooh look at me, I'm a young person, I like Minecraft and not remembering 9/11!

shitposting in the missed connections section of the local paper from now on thanks for your time though

i was unreasonably proud when i wrote this one and tbh, i was right, nice job me 👍

Today it's Netflix and chill. But if we don't do something our children will only know Netflix and boil

not falling through the floor just to flex on babies who don't understand object permanence

not falling through the fall just to flex on babies who don't understand object permanence

im not big on this whole "object permanence" stuff....

this is how white boys eat the coochie

@wintgenstein there is in the uk. its called the magic circle and a weird man my da used to drink with got kicked out for telling everyone how the tricks worked down the pub.

people on here fucking love oppressing the french

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