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I like all these suggestions. South of Lonely forest you could have a plain of unstable rocks and crevasses, salt flats, rolling dunes, something more exotic. If you don't want a settlement at the rivermouth downriver from Ironfont, how is sentient life being deterred: hostile megafauna/flora, dangerous rapids or flooding, poisonous magical or industial spoil. Is settlement there but concealed, bandits, runaways, magic.

At the junction south of Judgar's hold what is there there:
ruins? ruins of what a manor, post house, an inn

giant mushrooms?

a flying monestary?

ancient or modern sacrificial site?

@lobstheir assuming you're going for a classic fantasy feel: if you have roads or waterways there are probably settlements (towns, caravan stops, river shipyards...) near them

(plus ruins of older settlements, possibly going back millennia)

remote, isolated places can have things like monasteries, frontier outposts, a wizard's lab, the source of a magical anomaly that made living beings avoid the place...

more natural features that can go near waterways are swamps, lakes, caves

maybe there could be a swamp below the lonely forest?

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These spots specifically need something in them I think, but IDK what that'd be tbh

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Some is in all caps and some is in my natural handwriting because the wizard who handed them over took notes on it, and I wanted to show what he thought was important

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Here's a scan of the map I'm doing for the region that my dnd players are in. They're heading up to Ironpont through Greensbane, but it still feels quite empty and idk how to fill all those spaces

if everything is cake 🍰 , and the cake is a lie 🤖 , does that mean everything is a lie? 🤔 #gaming #gamerthoughts #showerthoughts

My gf keeps making fun of my 2 in 1 body wash/ shampoo. She's got a two part conditioner! Bitch that's not even 1 in 1!

Ran dnd session last night, it was the conclusion of the last mission and had a fair bit of build up, but I choked it a little and ended up not running as good a session as I could have done. There was some foreshadowing towards the next couple of adventures, so the players at least left it seeming excited


Immensely disappointed with kier starmer

every morning I stand in front of the mirror and chant "i AM beautiful. i AM powerful. i COULD take down nick clegg, former deputy prime minister of the united kingdom, with a SINGLE GLARE."

Greenpeace's new campaign: frosted tips for the frosted tips, sponsored haircuts to save the ice caps

They hexed the hot single in my area (the moon)


I'm trying to write tomorrows dnd session but a particularly erratic session including assaulting a powerful merchant has made my life a little harder

I like how Bargain Hunt undermines the petit bourgeois belief in becoming a successfull antiques dealer by every single team losing money on every single show.

Likewise I like any dating show with a near zero record of successfull dates or forming relationships.

Between the auction and seeing all the cool things I do enjoy it, but it doesn't seem like a show that should have a wide appeal

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