Does your D&D game need 100 shopkeepers?

No? That's way too many?

Well too bad. I wrote 100 shopkeepers and now it's your responsibility to justify the way I spend my time by using this resource in your game:

@hafnia I am delighted to hear you say so, thank you. ^_____^

@linkskywalker you're quite welcome -- I shared it with the group I DM for, and everyone loves it. Thanks again! :D

@vicorva Thank you! I'm happy to have made something useful. ^_^

@panina Thank you so much for saying so, I am happy to have made something useful! ^_^

@raspberry You are very welcome, thank you for letting me know I did a good job! It's a good feeling. ^_^

Wow! Super nice ideas, thanks! It's true my shopkeepers could use a bit more colour to their character

@lefarfadet Happy to be of help! I quite enjoy the process of iterating on a theme 100 times. ^_^

Yes I need them all!

@Halo don't read, those shopkeepers are becoming canon in #boatmode

My dorks love to shop! No matter where they go, they expect a full assortment of goods and sundry. Running into a tattered beggar on a wind-blasted desert mountain side: "You wouldn't happen to have 46 pitons, full quivers of crossbow bolts in small and medium, 180 feet of tightly braided hempen rope, a bottle of the unholy ink of Hadar, 40 bottles of efreet blood, and a well-aged camembert?"

@Sandra @Halo Same here. In my current game I made a point of keeping all my general purpose rules on a single sheet of paper. The shopping rules I needed to write take up about half of that space!

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