@kensanata The setting has gradually become more technological. It started in an almost medieval state, but (for example) the party gained access to cell phones for their own use, started handing them out to NPCs they wanted to communicate with, and now phones have become much more commonplace.

Nearly the entire game has taken place within a single "Hex," since the game world is a biodome on mars. The party have made a few excursions outside, both across the surface, into the mythic underworld, and into space, but never spend more than 1~2 sessions doing this, and so never really travel far at all.

Setting is all my own. I'll publish it one of these days.

@linkskywalker how are you doing classes in this world; esp since it is a big mix of tech levels?

@wandererbill @kensanata Cell phones are great. Particularly in the way it allows NPCs to remain relevant to the game. It is a sincere joy to have the players face a problem in the dungeon, and then call up their architect friend from 15 sessions ago.

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