Last night I ran the 150th session of a persistent D&D campaign that began in January 2016.


@linkskywalker how many people at the table when you play? How many characters in the party when you play? How many players total over that time period? Character level ranges over that time? Some non-standard adventures you ran over that time? Rule changes over that time? Setting changes over that time? In-game distance or area visited in that time? Proprietary setting books used?


@kensanata Including myself I aim for 3-6 people. We've been hitting 5 pretty consistently the last few weeks.

Each person only plays one character, but about half my players have a hireling in tow.

Players total is a toughie. Um...I think I'd say there have been 3 "generations" of the core party at this point, made up of different combinations of about 9 people. Though, if I count everyone who has played in even a single session, maybe about 25 people have played in ORWA over the last 4 years.

Non standard adventures...the game used to be mostly mission based (NPC says go here and do thing), but within the last year has shifted into the players trying to establish their own factions. This has become the new normal, so I don't know if it counts as 'non standard.' :)

Rules started out as RAW LotFP. They changed very gradually as the need arose, and eventually I collected the rules into a full homebrew system.

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