I'm reading "At Home: A History of Private Life." It's essentially a history of the home, going room by room and talking about the way Western people live has changed over the last ~200 years.

It's a super interesting book, but I doubt I'll seek out any of the other histories this guy has written. He hasn't written anything explicitly awful, but there's a definite...'vibe' to his work that makes me think I'll find something incredibly shitty if I dig into his books long enough.

He also keeps making these weird flexes on communists? Like, he's mentioned Karl Marx personal foibles 3 times in a book that's supposed to be about the history of food and couches? Very odd.

@linkskywalker I am finally about 4 books deep. I am trying to manage them as they all are things I want to read. So I am implementing a "book train"; I read one chapter or so from each of them.

If I get to a point where I am adding new-ish books I will try and see how they are for about 2-4 chapters or so. If I am not hooked they are dropped. It has kept me on the screens less and I still get nerdy too!

@PresGas Rock on! If reading brings you joy then I I am super happy you are managing to do more of it. :)

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