Looking for recommendations on good instances that currently have open registration.

Boosts requested on this one.

I can recommend

Used to be my home until I made my own instance.

@linkskywalker If pending for acceptance is open enough, then you could check out, we have room at the moment.


I run a small instance that I think is good. We'd be happy to have you.

Feel free to look over our terms of service/code of conduct, generally check us out. 👍🏼

@liaizon Something I could post on facebook/twitter along with the message "Ya'll deserve better than corporate social media. Today's instance recommendation is..."

@linkskywalker I would say is honestly probably the best place for people to start. now that we can move followers to a smaller instance later it makes joining and finding folks when your just beginning a bit easier. the admin of is quite nice too if your looking for a large general instance. is pretty good tho they want members who will stay not just check it out. I think they ask for a 1$ a user to join the coop

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