TNG is so much better at foreshadowing than I ever realized when I was younger.

Doing stressful things 

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Masto wishlist 

Does anyone have any good resources for what sort of skills I should cultivate to be a good project leader?

Specifically in the vein of "I employ people to do parts of a project for me, and I need to keep them on some kind of schedule, but I refuse to use economic coercion or any other adversarial means of control."

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at videogames inc, during the invention of videogames:

employee: "i've invented a new kind of enemy to put at the end of levels! they're big and scary, and the whole point of the game is to kill them. the player really really wants to kill them the whole time"
boss: "what are they called?"

Officially, I'm opposed to any sort of internet-connected software verification / cloud storage of my data.

Unofficially, it's pretty cool that I'm able to switch seamlessly between playing "Fallout" on my laptop and my desktop.

Current mood: Crying over "Yesterday's Enterprise."

Lewd Problems 

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inside you there are two wolves and waTCH OUT THEY ARE UNIONISING

I'm reading "At Home: A History of Private Life." It's essentially a history of the home, going room by room and talking about the way Western people live has changed over the last ~200 years.

It's a super interesting book, but I doubt I'll seek out any of the other histories this guy has written. He hasn't written anything explicitly awful, but there's a definite...'vibe' to his work that makes me think I'll find something incredibly shitty if I dig into his books long enough.

He also keeps making these weird flexes on communists? Like, he's mentioned Karl Marx personal foibles 3 times in a book that's supposed to be about the history of food and couches? Very odd.

A sex worker D&D class I wrote 

The four Murderbot Diary books are the standard by which all modern adventure fiction should be judged.

That is all.

Shilling for a friend 

There is a deep cut reference to Roman history in Season 3 Episode 10 of Star Trek TNG, which I was previously not enough of a history nerd to understand.

"After we dissect your Enterprise for all its precious secrets, I intend to display its broken hull in the center of the Romulan capitol as a symbol of our victory. It will serve as an inspiration to our people for generations to come."

They're talking about the Rostra! A podium in the Roman forum from which orators would speak, and which was adorned with the rams of captured enemy vessels.

"Congratulations on achieving warp travel, humans! You may now join intergalactic civilization.

By the way, our anthropologists have been observing your species from holographic duck blinds for about 100,000 years. Would you like copies of their observations?"

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people were talking about the millennium bug recently, well it turns out a lot of the fixes just delayed the problem to 2020

"Programmers wanting to avoid the Y2K bug had two broad options: entirely rewrite their code, or adopt a quick fix called “windowing”, which would treat all dates from 00 to 20, as from the 2000s, rather than the 1900s. An estimated 80 per cent of computers fixed in 1999 used the quicker, cheaper option."

"Those systems that used the quick fix have now reached the end of that window, and have rolled back to 1920. Utility company bills have reportedly been produced with the erroneous date 1920, while tens of thousands of parking meters in New York City have declined credit card transactions because of the date glitch."

Forgive me, Father, for I have shitposted.

Hiring people to do art and editing and layout for the books I write has put me in the uncomfortable position of an employer. And like...fuck.

I have some substantial amount of money.

Set aside.

Specifically to give to X person.

X person's life would be improved by having that money.

But I don't give it to them because they haven't jumped through a hoop for me yet.

It is an incredibly uncomfortable position to be in. I can't imagine how much more uncomfortable it would be if someone I hired wound up in a position of real need.

Only a heartless monster could live in a perpetual state of holding people's livelihoods in their hands.

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