Also, why do minis always look so much worse in photographs than they do in real life? I do not enjoy that.

I've had this board game called "Lionheart" kicking around my house for some 25 years now, and its full of these low detail minis.

Hopefully they'll be good practice, so that by the time I get to the last one it won't look quite so bad as this first one does.

TV Chef: "I'm putting all of my spices in now."

Me: Huh, I wonder what sort of spices you'd put in a pancake...?

TV Chef: *Adds salt, sugar, and baking soda.*

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As a kid I learned not to blame video games for my inability to play them. The game wasn't 'unfair,' I just needed to become a better player.

Then I learned that most of the games of my childhood actually WERE cheating. Due to AI limitations, computer opponents were given all sorts of hidden advantages.

Looking back, this is basically a perfect analogy for my relationship to capitalism.

Been painting a lot of minis lately. This trio of bloodskeletons has ambushed a party of a goblin, a kobold, and the kobold's spider mount.

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Liberals don't like anti-capitalism but they love anti-consumerism which is the victim blamers version of anti-capitalism

Every defense of profanity I've ever written is 100% still valid.

But also as I drift towards my mid 30s, I have to admit that I just kinda don't enjoy it as much anymore.

A table inspired by a recent session in which my players consulted a spymaster. They wanted to learn if the evil wizard they were about to confront had any weaknesses to exploit. So I wrote 100 of them and put them in a table.

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the deligitimization of derivative works as "fanfiction" is a result of the late-capitalistic institution of extremely long copyright terms. In this essay I will

I made this flippy token so my wife and I can slowly play board games over the course of a few days, and keep track of whose turn it is.

There is a genre of History books where the author essentially just collects interesting anecdotes, and strings them together into a sort of guidebook for being a dork at parties.

I do not enjoy this genre.

Notepad++ would be an incredibly useful little notepad replacement if it didn't need to be updated literally every time I try to use it.

uspol, kidpol 

Found this in a school library. Managed to read/skim most of it during down time between classes.

Despite being super old, it surprisingly sorta worked as a piece of trans literature for children. I'd be super curious to find a copy and do a more thorough reading, or hear from a trans person who read it as a kid.


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Last night I ran the 150th session of a persistent D&D campaign that began in January 2016.


Here I thought I was so incredibly careful about version control, yet today my editor has found *two* sentences in the Duchy of the Damned Dancing Duke which just...don't have their second halves.

Fortunately by going back to an earlier version of the document I was able to find it. No idea how they wound up getting truncated, but I'm super glad that I've kept records of every major phase the document has gone through.

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