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arguing about whose settler colonial hell state is better, like kids fighting about if Ironman could beat Batman in a fight

We live in a beautiful world where some facts about water must be separated out for not adhering to Star Wars canon.

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pretty cool that weekend at Bernie's 3 is jordan Peterson's daughter using his dessicated corpse to continue grifting his fans

I tried to make okonomiyaki and after hours of reading and shopping and reading and prepping and cooking, I mangled it so badly that it is inedible, and I am depressed about that.

I have written 231 D&D play reports in the last 5 years.

That's almost 700 hours of D&D that I've run.


eugenics mention 

Reasons to hire an editor:

So someone will tell you when you accidentally wrote a couple pro-eugenics pages.

I will probably never make my living off of my art. I am making peace with that.

But there are better artists than me who've said I'm the reason they felt safe enough to share their art. That's a legacy I can live with. :)

This website scratches two itches at the same time: pointless lingua obscura, and archaic web design:

The Goblin Bazaar is located in the first room on the second sublevel of my Five Years Left megadungeon. All manner of useful things can be found for sale there, but the prices are exorbitant, and any treasure traded to the goblins does not earn experience points for the players. None the less if they see something they want, it’s best to pounce on it, because each session I generate an entirely new inventory by rolling 3d6 and consulting these tables...

I've been lifting weights lately. As I understand, your goal is to work a given set of muscles until they literally can't go anymore, right?

Which results in a lot of very funny moments where you've just finished doing bench presses or something, and you try to get to your feet, but then you collapse helplessly on the floor because your arms can't support your own weight right now.

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it's funny to me how the alt-right, the most emotionally fragile, easily upset people on the planet, have latched onto stoicism as something that lets them pass toxic masculinity off as anything but poison

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comparing my reply guys with other posters like the business card scene in american psycho

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You seem to think politics is about deciding the most rational or best solution to social problems instead of being a contest between groups with differing and opposing interests.

The last time I did anything martial arts related was 16 years ago, and I'm not really wistful for it at all. I'm not interested.

Even today, though, there's something about performing a really good roundhouse kick that just feels nice.

I gather that the general population of Mastadon is more plugged in to the tech world than I am.

So like...why does every website have "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT" all big and centered, but then (log in) is small and difficult to find?

It didn't used to be this way, and I find the shift very confusing.

What does not cancel me makes me stronger.

A rabbi friend of mine is very fond of saying "The best way for two people to get to know one another is for each to take the other's essays into a private room and read them in solitude."

I could not disagree with him more about that, but it is undeniably a much more comfortable way to process a person's expressed views.

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My ethics hot take is that too much breath is spent trying to decide what actions are good and bad and not enough is spent on the problem of becoming the kind of person who does good things. An ethical person, a humane person is not one who knows what's moral but one who reacts morally. Confucius beleived this.

I actually kinda like the practice of fans pulling apart promotional images to search for information about an upcoming property. It's a puzzle with no set solution. A good work out for your brain. The only bummer is that it's all done in service of some capitalist. Half the time the clues lead to nothing. They were only there to promise the audience something without actually making a legally binding promise.

It would be great if someone would produce intricately detailed and meaningful images without tying them to an advertising campaign. Too bad nothing like that exists.

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